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Find Out Everything You Must Know About Your Laundry Essentials at Spotlight!

The quality of your laundry essentials can make the difference where laundry is concerned. A superior washing powder, a quality washing machine, and other items can certainly contribute to better laundry cycles in your home.

Do you wish to optimise the laundry process in your home? Need more information to do just that? Read the information provided by Spotlight below!

What Should I Know About Laundry Detergent?

Everyone knows that a laundry detergent can make a big difference in your laundry cycles, but what should you look out for? One of the main things to consider is the type of laundry detergent you obtain. While all types of laundry detergent will effectively clean your clothes, the liquid detergents are better for stains involving oil and grease. However, if you are looking for the most economical form of laundry detergent, powdered detergent will be the best option.

While it may not be the first thing on your mind, the ingredients used in your washing detergent can make a difference in its performance. Some laundry detergents will contain enzymes and surfactants, which can remove the heaviest of stains. However, these ingredients usually add to the price of your detergent. Even though cheaper detergents can have surfactants too, these usually focus on lifting certain stains before the washing machine can rinse them away. Therefore, they are not always effective to remove tougher stains.

How Do I Choose the Correct Fabric Softener?

When it comes to fabric softener, most Australians have free reign. However, it can become more complicated for people with allergies. Certain fabric softeners can cause allergic reactions, which are often caused by fragrance. Therefore, these Australians should use a non-fragranced fabric softener.

Some fabric softeners do a better job than others too, depending on the ingredients they contain. Of course, this does not mean that the most expensive fabric softeners are the best ones, but it does mean that you should have a closer look at those ingredients.

How Do I Find the Best Washing Machine?

Choosing the right washing machine could certainly help to optimise your laundry cycles. Of course, the best washing machine for one household is not necessarily the best one for another household. So, how do you determine what the best washing machine is for your household?

Before you start looking for a washing machine, it is quite important to look at the space you have available. For example, if you only have a small space for a washing machine, there is little point in buying a heavy-duty washing machine that can take more than ten kilograms of washing. You must also look at how many family members you must do laundry for. If you are on your own, or if your household is limited to two people, then you will get away with a smaller washing machine of six to seven kilograms. However, if you have a big household with many children, you will need that bigger washing machine.

When you are browsing a range of washing machines, you might notice that there are lots of affordable options. However, we must mention that the most affordable washing machines are not always the best since they might use more energy than the more expensive options. So, while you might save on the initial price of your washing machine, you may spend more on water and electricity during its operation.

Most manufacturers and retailers will put the details of the washing machine online - this gives customers the opportunity to look at the specs of the appliance before making their purchase. Always look at the energy rating on your appliance and grab the most energy-efficient to save on your energy bill.

We must also mention that there is a difference between top loaders and front loaders where cleaning power is concerned. Studies have shown that top loaders are efficient for regular household laundry, but less efficient when it comes to those tough stains. So, if the clothing you must wash has a lot of tough stains, be sure to grab a front loader instead.

What Dryer Should I Buy for Maximum Efficiency?

Much like washing machines, dryers have a certain energy rating. If you want to make sure your electric bill does not go into the astronomical amounts, be sure to check the energy rating of the dryer.

There are also different types of dryers - this goes from the standalone dryer to the semi-integrated and integrated dryer. The standalone or freestanding dryer is more versatile, but the integrated options look better in your interior. So, to find the perfect dryer, you must look for the perfect combination of capacity, design, and versatility.

While most people prefer the standalone, since it is easier to replace, there are some benefits to the integrated dryer. This type of dryer could look better in your interior and blend with its environment, so do not rule it out just yet!



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