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Stationery items for better learning

Having the best school supplies at your disposal is a sure way to equip your kids for success across the school year. Here are some items that every student should have at hand:

Notebooks, planners & folders
There's no better way to motivate young ones for study - not to mention, promote good organisational and writing skills - than with notebooks, planners & folders in a variety of designs and colours for your kids to choose from. They will be proud to use them!

Pencils, pens, markers & pencil cases
Give them the tools to channel their emerging genius with a selection of pencils, pens & markers. Encouraging children to draw and write (away from computer screens) will give them a kick-start with important cognitive and motor skills. Additionally, make sure they have the appropriate pencil case to reduce the possibility of stuff getting lost.

Classroom storage & desk supplies
Sensible selection of classroom storage materials and other stationery, postage & desk supplies can turn an unloved, messy study desk into one of peace, harmony and high productivity. Instilling your children with proper storage and planning skills as early as possible is sure to give them a leg-up in life.

Craft supplies
From glues and adhesives to stickers, dyes, glitter and metallics, a well-stocked craft stash will send your child on a wonderful journey into their imagination. Find out what they want to achieve and then set about stocking them with the necessary bits & bobs to make their ideas a reality. And it won't cost you a fortune!

Making the most of school supplies

Savvy back-to-school shoppers know that a good school kit is about more than just about homework. Spark kids' creativity with items for making uniquely decorated notes, creating wonderful arts and crafts, labelling stuff so it doesn't get lost and keeping things organised.

Find the right stationery & school supplies at Spotlight

Ready to purchase? Our back-to-school buying guide will give you peace-of-mind in knowing the younger members of your family have all the essentials for a great school year ahead. Click through the supplies in our stationery store and buy online.

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