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Create With Sculpey At Spotlight

One of the world's favourite modelling clays is Sculpey, and for good reason! Sculpey clay is a polymer clay made from synthetic materials that is easy to manipulate and bake, plus it can be painted, drilled, sanded and carved.

Spotlight is delighted to offer you a range of beautiful Sculpey clays, including Super Sculpey, Sculpey Souffle, Sculpey Premo and a great range of Scupley cutting and modelling tools. With single-colour and multi-packs available, Spotlight is the place for both Sculpey beginners and experts to find everything they need for polymer clay modelling.

What is Sculpey?

The Sculpey brand was founded in 1967 by the American brand Polyform, with the intent for it to be a thermal transfer compound… which it failed at. But later on, the lab director was playing around with the compound and found it was easy to shape and could be baked at low temperatures into hard and durable clay.

Sculpey is now loved by artists and crafters for its ease of use, making it ideal for making jewellery, accessories, models and home decor. Because it can be baked in a regular oven it's a very accessible form of clay modelling, as you don't need access to a kiln to use it. Sculpey is also non-toxic and safe to use for all ages, although it should not be ingested or used outside of the manufacturer's instructions.

Sculpey FAQ

How to store Sculpey clay

Sculpey clay should be stored in a cool and dry place out of sunlight. It can be stored in the fridge or freezer without any negative effects - in fact, this may be preferable if you live in a home that gets very hot, as it may partially cure in high temperatures. Make sure to store in a clay-compatible container, made of a material like polypropylene plastic.

How to bake Sculpey clay

Bake your Sculpey clay in a conventional oven with a fan if possible, on a metal, oven-proof glass tray or a dedicated clay-baking surface. Each type of Sculpey clay will have its own recommended baking temperature and time, so make sure to check the packaging for these details. Use a separate oven thermometer to check the temperature of your oven, as many ovens run hotter than they indicate.

How to soften Sculpey clay

A little heat is a great way to soften your clay prior to conditioning. You can sit it under a low-wattage lightbulb for a few minutes, or simply hold the clay in your hands to warm it up before rolling.

You can also buy a special clay softener to add to very stiff clay. Please note clay cannot be softened once it has been baked, or if it has been left out and has become hard and crumbly on its own.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

If you love your Sculpey clay, why not add it to your modelling clay collection with some other useful products?

  • Modelling clay: Find polymer clay from many different brands here. Polymer clay from different brands can be blended together, so feel free to grab your favourite colours from all different sources to use together in your modelling clay projects.
  • Clay tools and accessories: Create advanced sculptures and designs with your modelling clay using the right tools and accessories. These include cutters, stamps, rolling pins, adhesive mats, pliers and moulds.
  • Wire and thread: If you're using your Sculpey clay to make jewellery, make sure you have any extra wires and threads on hand when putting it all together.

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Find the right Sculpey clay at Spotlight

If you're ready to start using Sculpey modelling clay, you can shop online, pay your way and we'll deliver your polymer clay straight to your front door. Otherwise, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find all the Sculpey clay you need for your next project.

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