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Collect all your laundry in one handy place with one of our laundry basket bins available at Spotlight. Shop from our range with Spotlight now.

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What laundry basket should I buy?

Laundry baskets and hampers are an absolute necessity for any household and provide a nice place to store all your dirty laundry without being an eyesore. You can have a couple of laundry hampers and bins in different parts of the house where you’re likely to take your clothes off such as the bathroom or bedroom. It’s also a good idea to have a basket in your laundry room so you can have a place to store your dirty laundry before they go in the wash.

If you want to carry your laundry from one room to another, get a smaller laundry basket with handles. These can also be used to store your freshly laundered and folded clothes and towels. The deeper the basket, the more items you can put in it.

For those who need to transport their laundry outside the home and back, a laundry bag is the perfect solution since you can easily dump all your clothes in it and carry it around like a bag due to its portability. Laundry bags are also great to have while travelling because they let you separate your dirty clothes from your clean ones.

What laundry baskets and bins can I find at Spotlight Stores?

Here at Spotlight Stores we offer a selection of quality laundry baskets, bins and other storage solutions that will make laundry days much easier, and keep your home and your surroundings more organised. We have large laundry hampers made out of natural fibres that look great with its neutral earth-tone colours and are highly durable at the same time. These have handles which make them easy to move around, as well as secure lids to keep your laundry out of sight. We also have matching baskets with different designs and sizes, which not only gives you more storage around your home, but also give it a more unified and clutter-free look.

We also sell plastic laundry baskets that are smaller and lighter weight, which make them perfect for carrying around your ironing or freshly folded clothes and towels from room to room. These are available in different sizes so you can use them to store, organise and sort just about anything, from small knick knacks to large and bulky items. If you need to carry lots of clothes from one place to another, a deeper laundry basket will be more spacious and suitable for heavy and bulky clothing like pants, sweaters and towels.

Don’t forget to check out our laundry bags which are perfect for travelling or if you need to go outside the house to do your laundry.

What other laundry accessories does Spotlight Stores offer?

Here at Spotlight Stores, you’ll find a variety of laundry essentials and accessories to help you properly take care of all your clothes and fabrics. We have clothes irons and ironing boards which are necessary for keeping your clothes from looking all wrinkled and unkempt. We also sell ironing board covers so you’ll always have a clean and smooth surface to iron on and cleaners for your clothes iron’s baseplate that will help keep it in good condition and glide effortlessly across any fabric for a long time.

When you need to air dry delicate clothes, don’t want to use your dryer or don’t have access to one, check out our airers, drying racks and clotheslines. Our airers can be used either inside or outside the home and can be easily folded up when not in use. We also have clotheslines that can be easily attached to any wall with its suction cups, which make them great for travelling.

Spotlight Stores also has a large selection of great storage solutions for your laundry and cleaning supplies. We have stylish bins to store your powdered detergent in which also come with a matching measuring cup, as well as soap caddies, peg holders and soak buckets.

We also carry special cleaning solutions like stain removers and washing machine cleaners.



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