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Instantly refresh your bathroom with a beautiful & practical shower curtain. Shop shower curtains in different colours & materials at Spotlight.

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Shop Beautiful & Practical Shower Curtains at Spotlight

Shower curtains are essential to keeping your bathroom dry and functional, but they also add a touch of colour and style. The wide range of patterns, colours and designs available in shower curtains goes to show the impact that such a simple item can have on your bathroom design - consider it the central focus of your bathroom and use it to inform the rest of the room's decor. At Spotlight, you can find a vast selection of shower curtains from plain colours and simple jacquard shower curtains to brightly printed shower curtains. Enhance the look of your bathroom and keep your shower nice and fresh with a new shower curtain.

Find Shower Curtains to Match Your Bathroom Aesthetic

No matter your bathroom theme, find the right shower curtain to match at Spotlight. Our range includes beautiful designs such as:

  • Plain shower curtains: Perfect for a modern or minimalist-themed bathroom, add a sophisticated look with a plain grey, navy or white shower curtain.
  • Floral shower curtains: If you want to add some brightness and colour to your bathroom, a floral shower curtain is a great choice.
  • Patterned shower curtains: Add freshness and life to your bathroom with a patterned shower curtain. Pattern shower curtain styles work well in both modern and traditional settings.
  • Textured shower curtains: A waffle or jacquard shower curtain will give your bathroom an expensive feel.

Shower Curtains FAQs

How to clean a shower curtain?

Even though shower curtains are relatively inexpensive, cleaning your shower curtain regularly will not only keep your shower sparkling and hygienic but also extend its lifespan.

Most shower curtains can be removed from their rail and wiped down with a damp cloth or sponge or, if extra dirty, placed in the washing machine. However, certain materials need to be handled carefully. For example, plastic shower curtains can melt under extremely hot temperatures, so always wash these types of shower curtains in a low-temperature wash (maximum 40 degrees Celsius). When unsure, check the manufacturer's label. Lack of friction with shower curtain materials may also hinder the wash process, given that plastic or treated fabric can be quite slippery. Add two towels to the washing machine to get the necessary friction for a decent, thorough wash.

What material are shower curtains made of?

Most shower curtains are made of a polyester material which has great waterproof properties and is durable.

How to hang a shower curtain?

To hang a shower curtain, you will need shower curtain rings or hooks, a shower curtain and an existing shower curtain rod.

  1. Lay your shower curtain out flat.
  2. Loop the curtain rings into the eyelets on your shower curtain.
  3. Slip each ring onto the curtain rod.

How often do shower curtains need to be replaced?

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your shower curtain will extend its lifespan. If your curtain has mould or is damaged, replace it immediately. Properly cared-for shower curtains can last 1 to 2 years before needing to be replaced.

Find The Right Shower Curtains At Spotlight

Along with a new shower screen (or two or even more to change with the seasons), there are other easy, affordable bathroom accessories - such as soap dishes, soap dispensers, bathroom tumblers, shower caddies and bath mats - that can update your bathroom without remodelling. Ready to purchase? Click through our range of shower curtains online and read our Guide on Updating Your Bathroom for more inspiration. Alternatively, head into a Spotlight store to see what's available and speak with one of our friendly customer service team who'll be happy to answer your questions. Find everything you need to refresh your bathroom with our bathroom essentials range and create a space you'll love for low prices at Spotlight.



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