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Make your own beautiful curtains with Cut, Hem & Hang Curtain Fabrics from Spotlight. Find a great range of curtain fabric available in a wide selection of colours and styles to match your home. Shop online or in-store today.

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What exactly is Cut, Hem & Hang Curtain Fabric?

They are curtain fabric that is available by the metre, but which already has either eyelets on one side (which will become the top of the curtain), or have header tape fixed to it that just needs to be gathered.

These cut, hem and hang curtain fabric make it very easy to sew your own curtains, as all you will have to do is to hem the bottom at the length you require, and the sides, and then they are ready to hang! If you want to avoid using a sewing machine completely, it is even possible to hem your curtains by using double sided adhesive hemming tape, and ironing the bottom of the curtain for a neat finish.

Can I purchase Cut, Hem & Hang Curtain Fabric at Spotlight?

Yes, we have a large range of different designs of Cut, Hem & Hang Curtain Fabric in stock, which can be used for curtains in all areas of the house. Choose from designs suitable for living and dining rooms, kids rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. Check individual cut, hem and hang curtain fabric for the fabric width, as this is the longest you will be able to make your curtains (taking into account the hem).

Do you have different types of Cut, Hem & Hang Curtain Fabric?

Here at Spotlight, we have uncoated cut, hem and hang curtain fabric, as well as some that have sun-out properties, and some with a thermal backing. In most cases, the thermal and sun our properties are achieved by coating the back of the fabric with an acrylic backing, but there are also "triple weave" fabrics where the protective layer is hidden inside the curtain fabric.

How do I measure and make Cut, Hem & Hang Curtains?

  • 1. Measure the width of your rod or track to give a good drape. Eyelet curtains are usually 1.5 times the width of the rod and Pencil Pleat curtains 2.0 the width of the track. Add the side hem measurements (usually between 5 and 10 cm each side) then cut to size. Measure the length of your curtains and allow between 5 and 15 cm for the hem at the bottom, depending on the length of your curtain and the thickness of the material used.
  • 2. Hem the side and bottom hems of your curtains or use double-sided adhesive hemming tape.
  • 3. Hang eyelet curtains straight onto your curtain rod or pole. If using this with header tape, gather the header tape evenly to the width of your window and place hooks at regular intervals to fasten on to the track or rod.


How do I care for my Cut, Hem & Hang Curtains?

If you have Eyelet curtains, it may be advisable to hand-wash your curtains, as they do not always enjoy being machine washed and the eyelet rings can come loose. Always dry curtains by hanging them where possible so they can dry without folds or creases. This can be on your washing line or back on the track while still damp.



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