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Discover Elegant & Stylish Sheer Curtains For Your Home

Finding the right curtains for your home can seem like a daunting task, but at Spotlight we make it simple to find everything you need for a stylish and practical window furnishings update. Sheer curtains are often the first starting point, as they offer light filtering and all-important daytime privacy benefits - as well as softening your bedroom or living area with rich fullness and delicate texture. Spotlight's selection of sheer curtains ranges from contemporary sheer linen curtains to traditional lace curtains and includes a variety of header types, colours, textures and size options to suit any window.

What Kinds Of Sheer Curtains Can I Find At Spotlight?

The type of sheer curtains you choose for your home comes down to both styling choices and practical considerations. At Spotlight, our selection of sheer curtains includes:

  • Rod Pocket Sheer Curtains & Tab Top Sheer Curtains: These curtain styles are simple to hang and are available in plain styles, printed designs and lace patterns. Simply thread them onto your curtain rod or pole and you're done! Remember to check the width of the ready made curtain - a good rule of thumb is to allow at least double the width of your window for enough fullness or gathering. If your packaged sheer is 300 cm wide, that means it will cover around 150 cm of window width.
  • Eyelet Sheer Curtains: Eyelet curtains are a popular style, featuring metal rings that lend a sleek, modern aesthetic to any space. This header type is also super easy to install by threading the rings onto your curtain rod. It's easy to identify the right size for your window as well with Spotlight. Many of our ready-made curtains come in a range of sizes, indicating the ideal window size range for any curtain pair. For example, a size of 80 - 140 x 223 cm means that the pair will cover a window between 80 cm to 140cm in width, with a height of 223 cm - no calculations for gathering required!
  • Pencil Pleat Sheer Curtains: Also a popular choice, these curtains offer the versatility of both classic and contemporary styling options. The header style features a delicate continuous row of gathering at the top and can be installed on either curtain tracks or curtain rods. Don't forget your curtain hooks or rings to complete your installation!
  • Cafe Sheer Curtains: This timeless style has adorned kitchen windows for decades, and is the perfect way to add a touch of cottage charm to your home.

For DIY sheer curtains, you can also explore our range of sheer curtain fabrics to truly customise colour, drop (height), fullness and texture. Our selection of multi-drop sheers comes in a variety of drops to suit windows from 69 cm in height all the way up to 250 cm. You can also discover great options for creating floor-to-ceiling sheer curtains with our cut, hem and hang curtain fabric range. This is a continuous curtaining fabric that comes complete with a curtain header and comes in drops of up to 290 cm.

Sheer Curtains FAQ

How to layer sheer & blackout curtains

Combining sheer curtains with blackout or blockout curtains is a popular and practical styling choice. This combination offers you light filtering, privacy and thermal insulating properties all on one window! If you're laying sheers with blackout drapes, it's important to consider the header types of both curtains and the hardware needed to install them.

If you have selected blockout eyelet curtains, combining with rod pocket sheer curtains is a great way to minimise the bulk and projection of your curtain rods from the window. Opt for a decorative rod set to hang the heavier blockout curtains (this will extend a little further from the wall), and a lighter and more slimline conduit rod to hang the sheers (this should sit closer to the wall and nest behind the blockouts). There are also great options for combining the tracks needed for blockout pencil pleat curtains and sheer curtains using double-ended brackets.

How to wash sheer curtains

Most sheer curtains are composed of lightweight synthetic materials such as polyester, meaning they are both durable and quick to dry. Check the care label on your curtains, making sure to avoid high spin cycles and hot temperatures to protect the delicate nature of the material. For pleated curtain styles, always ensure you remove the hooks before laundering!

Hot Tip: Rather than hang your sheer curtains on the washing line to dry, simply re-hang them on your rod or track. This will help to not only save space but minimise any wrinkles in your curtains as well!

How to hang sheer curtains

The header type of your curtain will influence the type of rod or track you need to hang your sheer curtains. Rod pocket curtains are best suited to conduit rods, eyelet curtains to more sturdy rod sets, and pleated curtains to either tracks or curtain rods. For more information, check out Spotlight's handy guide on how to hang curtains here!

Getting More Privacy From Your Semi-Sheer Curtains

Many people are concerned that people on the outside can see inside when it gets dark. The problem with semi-sheer curtains is that they do provide less privacy than other sheer fabrics. That being said, they should provide sufficient privacy at night. However, if you are still concerned, there are some additional things to be done.

  • Blackout Curtains: If you are worried about having sheer curtains in a room where privacy is required, blackout curtains could be an option. Blackout curtains are made from fabric that not only block out all light, but also a fabric that guarantees total privacy.
  • Thermal Curtains: you can also improve the insulation properties by adding thermal curtains since sheer curtains do not offer these benefits.
  • Living Room: You can hang sheer curtains in the living room, but you may need some drapes on top to guarantee more privacy. It is a simple yet effective combination.
  • Dining Room: Dining room curtains are usually elegant. So, if you choose a combination of drapes and curtains, always make sure your drapes have an elegant pattern or design. When choosing a design or pattern, do not forget to incorporate the interior design of your dining room. While you could choose a different colour or pattern compared to the interior design of your dining room, drapes must always complement that design in some way.
  • Additional Window Treatments: There are a variety of window treatments that can guarantee better privacy. It is often a good idea to experiment with available options to get the one that works best. You could choose a combination of sheer curtains and drapes, but you could also choose heavy drapes and blinds for better light control. It all comes down to the designs you prefer.

Elevate Your Home With Fashionable Sheer Curtains & More Window Furnishings From Spotlight

At Spotlight we have a massive range of ready-made curtains and easy-to-install blinds to cover any window type. You can discover blockout curtains, thermal curtains, as well as classic white sheer curtains and sheer s-fold curtains to coordinate with your interior decor. Choose to shop in-store and get the assistance of our friendly team members, or make your purchases online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery. Be sure to also check out our informative guide on how to measure your windows for curtains and blinds to get the ball rolling on your window furnishings update!



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