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From craft storage boxes to containers and convenient trolleys, there is no limit to the craft storage options at Spotlight! Shop online or in-store today.

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Create With Ease Thanks With The Right Art & Craft Storage Solutions

At Spotlight, we understand that finding the perfect options for your craft storage is an important step in unleashing your creativity! A well-organised creative space means no time wasted looking for the right tools and equipment, and can even help set off ideas by being able to clearly see all your art and craft supplies. At Spotlight, you can explore a huge range of storage ideas for your studio or dedicated crafting space. Whether you have the luxury of a separate art room or a craft table in your living area, we have boxes, caddies, trolleys and more to help you organise your crafting haven. Our art & craft storage options suit visual artists, jewellers, knitters, scrapbookers and sewists alike´┐Ż whatever your passion, check out our range of craft storage solutions today at Spotlight!

Discover A Great Range Of Art & Craft Storage At Spotlight

Spotlight's craft storage and art supply storage includes just about everything you can imagine for setting up your creative haven. No matter what size or type of creative materials you need to stash away, we have everything you could imagine to inspire a whole range of craft storage ideas! You can find:

  • Craft Storage Caddies & Boxes: From large compartmentalised craft boxes to storage tubs, portable caddies and tiny containers, we have a craft storage box option for every material and occasion.
  • Craft Storage Carts & Trolleys: Create the ultimate crafting space with craft storage trolleys and carts. Keep everything you need immediately to hand or make a portable craft station with craft trolleys from Spotlight.
  • Craft Storage Jars & Tubes: Store your tiny crafting treasures like beads or jewellery findings in our selection of craft storage jars and bottles. They also make a wonderful addition to dolls house miniatures, dioramas or terrariums!
  • Craft Storage Bags: Keep precious crafting materials organised and protected with Spotlight's selection of craft storage bags. They're perfect for smaller items and come with drawstring or zip lock fastenings to keep everything secure.

Art & Craft Storage FAQs

How to organise craft supplies

While craft storage items are essential for creating a productive art and craft space, the first step in getting organised should be sorting out your supplies. Try these tips to help get your craft supplies organised in no time!

  • Donate any equipment or materials you no longer use and throw out broken items or unusable products.
  • Establish a few working piles, where you can group your materials by colour, size, type or frequency of use. This will help you determine what type of art & craft storage items you need, and how many.
  • Choose craft containers with compartments for materials like beads, or trolleys with drawers to keep your most commonly used materials within immediate reach.
  • Store like materials together, and choose containers or boxes that are a similar size to your supplies to maximise on space.

How do you store craft supplies in a small space?

Make the most of small spaces by choosing art & craft storage items that allow you to condense as many of your crafting supplies into one unit. This means opting for stackable containers with compartments or trolleys with multiple drawers. If you don't have a dedicated room in your home for your art or craft hobbies, trolleys are a great option - you can store all your art equipment and materials in one spot, ready to wheel out of a wardrobe or cupboard when you're ready to get creative!

Where else can I use art & craft storage items in my home?

When it comes to boxes, trolleys, containers and jars for your art and craft supplies, keep in mind that these are multifunctional and can be used for a range of storage around the home. Large craft storage carts & trolleys make a great storage solution in bathrooms, and can be equally practical in the home office for your folders or stationery & school supplies. Small craft storage bags with drawstrings are also perfect for gift cards or jewellery items you want to give as presents, so keep a stash handy in your gift-wrapping supplies!

Shop Art & Craft Storage At Spotlight And Unleash Your Creativity!

No matter which creative pursuit you choose to follow, Spotlight makes it simple to keep all your supplies organised with our huge range of art & craft storage solutions. Whether you're looking for a craft trolley to set up a portable art station or establish a craft storage cabinet with storage boxes, you can find a storage solution for every need in our range. Explore our extensive selection of art & craft materials to complete your crafting space! Shop it all online where you can choose click & collect from your local Spotlight store or home delivery for your order. You can also find great inspiration with our Create blogs, as well as fabulous FREE craft projects, knitting & crochet projects, painting projects and more online!



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