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Blowing up balloons at home is easy with our automated balloon pumps & helium tanks.Find easy to use helium tanks to inflate your party balloons.

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Are helium balloon tanks dangerous?

Helium tanks, as long as they are handled with common sense, are not dangerous. Helium is not a flammable gas and won't combust, and it is also non-toxic. That doesn't mean you should breathe it in however! While it may be funny to alter your voice using helium, too much can lead to asphyxiation, nausea and a bunch of other unpleasant conditions - so don't do it!

Helium tanks are safe to transport in your car, but make sure the tank is stable and is in no danger of being damaged. Helium, if released into the confines of a car, can be dangerous, so you may like to crack a window while transporting any just to be safe.

Make sure to store the tank somewhere safe where it won't come into contact with any corrosive materials or start to rust, or where it may be tripped over.

What kinds of balloons can I fill with these tanks?

There are a few different kinds of balloons out there, but luckily helium can safely be put into all of them - but keep in mind small balloons won't float with helium, as they can't hold enough to overcome the weight of the balloon itself.

  • Latex balloons are the classic, soft balloon we all know and love. Classic latex balloons are stretchy and easy to inflate. They are suitable for filling with both regular air and helium.
  • Helium latex balloons are balloons that have been specially designed for use with helium. They are made to prevent helium from escaping the balloon, and so will stay inflated longer than a regular latex balloon,
  • Foil balloons can be created in amazing shapes, but are quite heavy and so need a lot of helium to stay aloft - this is why you don't see any small foil balloons! Foil balloons are more resistant to popping than latex, but don't do as well in the heat.

Don't forget to add useful accessories to your balloons like weights, ribbons or even sticks!

Find the right helium tanks and balloon kits at Spotlight

Get the party started with any of our helium tanks or DIY helium balloon kits. You can view and buy the full range online, where you can choose to have your order home-delivered, or pick it up in-store as a click and collect. Feel free to also head into your nearest Spotlight store to view our balloon helium tanks in person.

Don't want the hassle of organising your own balloons? Let us take care of it for you! Our balloon delivery service offers next-day services and includes a colourful range of pre-designed balloon bouquets. Select stores also have an inflation station, where you can have balloons of your choice inflated on-site!

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