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Decorate Using The Beautiful Edibles From Spotlight

You've finished baking your cake, cookies or slices, so now comes the fun part - decorating! There are so many different ways to decorate your baked goods, and at Spotlight we've got all the baking toppings you need to completely transform the look of your dessert.

Our edible decorations come sourced from beloved baking brands such as Roberts, Wilton, Sprinks and Over The Top, and include many kinds of icing, food colouring, flavours and decorations.

What kinds of baking edibles can I find at Spotlight?

We have four major categories of edible cake decorations, including:

  • Fondant, icing and pastes: Whether you need a fluffy buttercream or a solid layer of marzipan, you can find it here in the fondant, icing and pastes section! All come in handy quick-use containers that can be resealed for later use.
  • Colours and flavours: Add beautiful colours and enticing flavours to your dessert toppings. You can find water-based, oil-based and dry colouring here, as well as many amazing flavours and pen packs for writing messages on your desserts.
  • Edible decorations: Add some colour, shine and texture to your desserts with our edible decorations, which include glitter, flakes, dust, pearls and sprinkles.
  • Mixers and ingredients: This handy category includes edible glues, bakers jam, cellulose gum, chocolate melts and more.

Browse the full baking and chocolate-making collection for any other baking essentials you may need.

Edible FAQs

What are baking edibles?

Our baking edibles refer to decorations like icing and toppers that are safe to eat. Baking edibles are usually decorative, although extra flavourings for icing the fondants can also be found here.

Are baking edibles allergen-free?

It's important to check the labels on your edible toppings because the ingredients across all of them will vary depending on the type of toppings. Many baking toppings are nut and gluten-free, such as our fondant and gel food colouring. Beware that many are made in the same space as nut-based products, so cross-contamination can very rarely occur.

What kind of food colouring should I use?

Water-based food colouring (also called liquid food dye) can be used to create pastel colours in creams, wafers and cakes.

Gel food colouring creates a strong, bold colour, and is best used in icing and lollies as it is difficult to spread through cake mix.

Powdered dye creates a vivid colour, and is best used for recipes that cannot tolerate water, like macarons or chocolate.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

You can discover many other useful dessert-making tools and accessories, including:

  • Packaging & display: Whether you want to drop off a bag of cookies or deliver an intricate birthday cake, you can find the packaging to do it safely here! Tiered display stands for special occasions can also be found in this category.
  • Bakeware accessories: All the tools and trays you need to make your baked creation are here including tins, baking cups, silicone moulds, number pans and cookie cutters.
  • Decorating tools: Helpful tools like piping bags and tips, spatulas, turntables and scrapers are all here. You can also find many kinds of cake toppers.

Browse our full party range of everything else you need to host an amazing event!

Find the right baking edibles at Spotlight

Create a professional-looking dessert using any of the edible cake decorations from Spotlight. Once you've chosen your edible decorations, you can safely pay online and we'll deliver them straight to your front door. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the best baking toppings for your creation.

For more information on decorating your desserts, read our buying guides on cake toppings, decorating tools and chocolate-making supplies. And if you're in need of some dessert-based inspiration, check out our blogs on icing types, hosting high tea and any of our cake and confectionery projects!



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