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The Recommended Cutting Tools For Your Favourite Crafts

As Spotlight provides a huge range of cutting tools and accessories, so it is most certainly time to take a look at the recommended cutting tools for your favourite craft. Whichever craft carries your preference, Spotlight undoubtedly has the cutting tools you require.

What Are The Recommended Cutting Tools For Papercraft?

Papercraft is undoubtedly the craft that requires the most cutting tools and accessories, as cutting makes up a huge part of this particular craft. But which are the essential tools you need to include in your hobby room?

One of the first things you will need, aside of the plethora of scissors and rotary cutters, is a cutting mat. After all, you want to keep your surfaces safe when you cut paper, cardboard, or whichever other material you are including in your project.

A good craft knife is also an essential for papercraft, especially one that enables you to change out the blades. As a beginner, you need at least one crafting knife and blades in five different sizes.

Finally, make sure you have a rotary cutter too. With the help of a rotary cutter, you can cut several pieces of paper at once, which proves useful if you need to make a bunch of greeting cards in the nearby future!

What Are The Recommended Cutting Tools For Dressmaking?

Dressmaking is another craft where you will need a variety of cutting tools. You need a good pair of scissors to cut fabrics, but also scissors to cut thread and patterns. So, which cutting tools are essential for dressmakers?

The first cutting tool we recommend for dressmakers is a pair of angled fabric scissors. Evidently, these angled fabric scissors come in various materials and quality-levels, so avid crafters should certainly invest in some heavy-duty options.

In addition to fabric scissors, you also need some scissors to cut paper and more specifically your patterns. Remember, you should only use fabric scissors for fabrics, otherwise it could make your scissors blunt.

If you often work with fabrics that tend to fray or unravel, you want to invest in a good pair of pinking shears too. Pinking shears prevent fabric edges from fraying or unravelling. In other words, some pinking shears are essential to give your fabric edges that perfect finish.

Finally, you also want a small pair of scissors to cut thread. You could choose a basic pair of craft scissors, but Spotlight recommends some embroidery scissors. Embroidery scissors are king at cutting thread. So, with this kind of scissors, you do not have to worry about your thread fraying.

What General Purpose Cutting Tools Do I Need For The Hobby Room?

If you do not have a specific craft, there are a certain number of general cutting tools you can acquire. A good pair of general-purpose scissors is an essential, but so is a decent rotary cutter and a craft knife.

When you choose your general-purpose cutting tools, it can help to take a closer look at the material you work with regularly. For example, if you often work with fabrics, it may be better to acquire a pair of fabric scissors in addition to some scissors for paper. Of course, the same applies to crafters who work with materials such as cardboard, paper, and other crafting supplies.

Check Out The Collection Of Cutting Tools And Accessories At Spotlight

There are many cutting tools and accessories to choose from at Spotlight. From crafting scissors to individual blades for your craft knife, you can find them all in the Spotlight collection.

Avid crafters, do not forget to look at the rest of the Spotlight catalogue. Just like our range of cutting tools and accessories, all crafting supplies are available at the sharpest prices. So, check out the crafting catalogue to pick out an amazing deal today.



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