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Spotlight's Guide to Millinery!

Are you thinking about creating your own hat, but no idea how to start? No problem, because Spotlight has created a great guide for crafters who want to try their hand at hat making! Take your first steps into millinery by reading Spotlight's guide below!

What Are the Basic Tools I Will Need for Millinery Projects?

There are some essentials you will need before you can start making your first hat. Here is an overview of the main supplies you will need from Spotlight.

Drying Equipment

Crafters who intend to work with thicker materials will need some drying equipment. Even though you can simply wait for the hat to dry, it is much easier to use some effective drying equipment.

Sewing Equipment

Creating designer hats also means having access to the right sewing equipment - this includes essentials such as tape measures, chalk, pins, and scissors. However, you will need more than one pair of speciality scissors for your projects, so be sure to work out what you will need before you start.

Pen and Paper

You might have some brilliant ideas for hats, but soon forget them. Therefore, always have some paper and a pen where you can draw or write down your ideas.

Millinery Wire

A millinery wire is used in the construction of hats, so you will need a large supply of them if you are serious about starting several hat projects. Of course, there are different types of wire available nowadays, so be sure to check which one fits your design best.

Steaming Equipment

Even those who are just starting out with hat making will find that steaming equipment is essential. You could use a basic steaming iron for this, but there are also specialty millinery steamers that could make your life a whole lot easier.

Wire Cutters and Pliers

You will need some D.I.Y. tools for your hat making projects too, especially when you consider that wire needs to be cut. Fortunately, you do not need anything too special, since a basic pair of wire cutters and some pliers will do the job.


Even though this falls under the section of sewing equipment, it is certainly worth mentioning here. Thimbles are essential for hat makers, since it protects them when they work with thicker materials such as felt and tough straws.

Hat Stands

Once your hat is finished, you will need a place for that hat to rest. If not, the brim of the hat can become distorted, which in turn damages the design. Therefore, make sure to invest in a couple of hat stands if you are serious about your hat making projects!

What Different Types of Hats Could I Make?

The different types of hats that could be created through millinery are almost endless, although it does come down to your skill at the end of the day. When you start your first project, it is always a good idea to start with something simple, and then work your way up to more complicated creations.

One of the ways to determine the best project for you is to look online. Hat making is more popular than you might think, so you will undoubtedly find some inspiration from another hat maker. Of course, once you become more proficient, you can certainly start creating your own unique designs.

What Millinery Supplies Can I Obtain from Spotlight?

At Spotlight, customers can find all their basic and advanced millinery supplies - this includes anything from wire to pins, headbands, and even hat feathers. We also need to mention that many millinery supplies can be found in our sewing section, since hat making and sewing often intertwines. Therefore, be sure to check out both catalogues to find your essential supplies.

Please note that supplies for your hat making projects can be found in other categories too. To ensure you have all the supplies you need, be sure to check through all our sewing and related craft pages. You could even find something interesting for your hat designs in our jewellery making section!

Do you have a question about our millinery supplies? Do not hesitate to contact the Spotlight team for some additional information, and we will be more than happy to provide you with assistance.



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