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Give your home a practical update with durable weatherproof & canvas curtain fabrics from Spotlight. Shop canvas outdoor curtain fabrics for your DIY curtains.

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Discover Sturdy, Stunning Weatherproof And Canvas Fabrics At Spotlight

Want a stunning fabric that can withstand a bit of outdoor wear and tear? Check out the range of canvas and weatherproof fabrics from Spotlight today! These sturdy fabrics come in a huge range of designs and are from quality brands like Caprice and Australian artists like Jocelyn Proust, meaning you'll always get a quality material to work with.

What are weatherproof materials made from?

Our weatherproof fabrics are made from either cotton, linen, polyester or a blend. These durable fabrics are loved for their strength, and are also easy to wash in your machine should they ever need it.

Weatherproof and canvas fabric FAQs

Where can I use weatherproof and canvas materials?

Our weatherproof and canvas materials are often used for upholstery due to their strength, durability and ease of cleaning. They are also popular for use as outdoor curtain fabrics, as they can withstand rain and shine without becoming damaged. Our weatherproof and canvas curtains fabrics can be used to dress up your deck or verandah, outdoor bar or even help section of a gazebo or pool area.

How are materials made weatherproof?

Heavy canvas is usually made weatherproof with a coating of synthetic wax or rubber. You can also sandwich layers of material together, with the outer layer being a tightly woven fabric combined with a membrane that doesn't allow water to penetrate.

Is canvas hard to sew with?

Because it is thick and heavy, canvas can be quite difficult to sew with if you don't have the right tools. If you're hand-sewing canvas, make sure you are using strong upholstery thread or heavy-duty cotton or polyester thread, and have a large needle that can accommodate the thread and also pierce the canvas easily. A heavy-duty sewing machine will have an easier time sewing canvas - sew with similar settings that you would use for denim, a similarly thick and tough fabric.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have many other helpful supplies if you plan on making your own curtains, which include:

Make sure to browse our curtain category for all your other curtain supplies, such as materials, tracks, rods and other accessories.

Find the right weatherproof and canvas fabrics at Spotlight

Once you've chosen your outdoor curtain fabric, pay your way and we'll deliver it straight to your front door. You can also drop by your nearest Spotlight store to chat with one of our curtain specialists, who will help you choose the right materials for your needs.

Make sure to read our buying guides on hanging curtains, using tracks or rods and caring for your curtains to get the most out of your canvas curtain fabric. For more curtain ideas and inspiration, check out our blogs on how to layer your window like a pro, mistakes to avoid when hanging your own curtains and how to make DIY curtains.



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