Bath Robes

Step out of the shower and into luxurious comfort with our range of soft, ultra-absorbent bathrobes. Browse Spotlight's collection online or in-store!

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Can I purchase bathrobes at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Bathrobes are available in various styles, colours and lengths here at Spotlight. Bathrobes are ideal for use after your bath or shower, for lounging in around the house, or for use when going to the gym, pool or after other sporting activity. Our bathrobes at Spotlight are suitable for men as well as women and are available in just one size to fit most people.

What type of bathrobes are available at Spotlight?

You can choose from beautifully soft spa-style bathrobes made from 100% terry towelling for a soft and luxurious feel, in three elegant and understated colourways. For a touch more fun, choose one of our sets of cosy critters bathrobes, complete with a fun pair of animal slippers, again available in a range of colours. For something a little bit different, you can also choose our short but ultra-soft sheepskin-look bathrobes which are 100% polyester, making them easy to look after and extremely hard-wearing.

Is a bathrobe the same as a dressing gown?

A dressing gown is usually made from light-weight material and is meant to cover your pyjamas or nightclothes around the house in the morning or night. A bathrobe is usually made from a more absorbent material and is meant to help dry you and keep you warm after a shower or bath. Many people use a bathrobe as a dressing gown and vice-versa, so the distinction is less obvious these days.

What other use is there for a bathrobe?

Some people like to offer their guests a bathrobe and will hang them in the guest bedroom, a bit like you would find a bathrobe in a hotel bedroom. Other uses for bathrobes are to wear after a sport or gym session or in other circumstances where you may have to share a bathroom with strangers, such as when you are going to stay in other people's houses, on campsites, etc.

Can I make my own bathrobe?

Yes, if you can't find the size or colour you want, take a look at the huge range of terry towelling fabrics available by the metre here at Spotlight, and use a sewing pattern such as the Burda patterns for sale here to create your own bathrobe. You will find all the materials, tools and accessories you need to make your own bathrobe here at Spotlight.

How do I maintain my bathrobe?

Bathrobes made from terry towelling are 100% cotton and can be washed like towels. Always keep dark or bright colours sperate from light colours and where possible wash your bathrobe once on a cool setting before using, to remove any last traces of fabric dye. For bathrobes made from other materials, refer to laundry labels for specific instructions. Bathrobes can be dried in a tumble dryer or can be left flat to dry. Don't hang very wet bathrobes on hangers to dry - the weight of the water in the cotton fibres may cause the bathrobe to stretch or get out of shape.



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