It’s gooey, it's icky and kids (and kids at heart) can't get enough of it! Yes, it's slime! And have we got the slime kits and slime supplies for you!

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Cool slime ideas for children and adults alike!

With its unique look and texture, slime is a liquid and a solid at the same time, so there's no other toy out there that's quite like it. There are also slime kits and slime supplies that mean it's also something you can make yourself.

It's important to note that some off-the-shelf slimes contain harsh chemicals and aggressive cleaning agents. Even though they're not necessarily harmful, natural slime and slime-making kits are more popular with parents who prefer a natural alternative.

One of the most sought-after slime kits is unicorn slime. Often called cosmic or galaxy slime, unicorn slime is basically slime combined with three or more glitter paints, giving it a sparkling, shiny finish that kids just can't get enough of.

Another trendy slime kit is popping slime. Using a combination of regular slime and pieces of styrofoam - which give off a popping sound when pressed - popping slime is an amazing sensory experience that's fun for everyone.

Glow in the dark neon slime is also extremely popular, and it is a great kids activity at sleepovers or on your next family camping holiday.

While not exactly a toy, cleaning slime is great for gathering crumbs, dust and hair from hard-to-reach places, which may make it the favourite slime with mums and dads.

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