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Discover The Benefits Of Room Darkening Curtains For Your Home

Adding room-darkening curtains to your home is a great way to introduce a whole heap of benefits to your spaces. Their unique construction gives them a flowing drape, while also adding insulating properties and light-blocking benefits. Perfect across the seasons, they can help to keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Room darkening curtains are known as triple weave curtains in reference to the fabric from which they are constructed. At Spotlight, you can explore a great range of triple-weave eyelet curtains and room-darkening pencil pleat curtains to add style and function to any room in your home.

Room Darkening Curtains FAQs

How do room darkening curtains work?

Room darkening fabric (or triple weave fabric) is a unique curtain material that offers light-blocking and thermal insulating properties - without the acrylic backing or lining that's used in other curtain styles. If you've ever held a piece of cloth up to a window or lamp, you'll notice light can easily pass through the spaces in the weave. In comparison, triple weave curtain fabric is made up of three layers, including a middle layer of black-coloured yarns. The three layers are interwoven to create a structure that's very hard for light and air to pass through. As a rule of thumb, room darkening curtains provide at least 85% light blockout.

Room darkening vs blackout curtains: what's the difference?

Room darkening curtains and blockout curtains offer very similar benefits like privacy and insulation. Compared to triple weave curtains, blockout curtains have three layers of acrylic coating on the reverse, meaning that light essentially cannot pass through it. If you're looking for a curtain guaranteed to completely darken your room, opt for blockout. A wonderful advantage of room-darkening curtains, however, is their superior draping qualities. Without the rubberised coating, the fabric is free to gently flow without the stiffer structure associated with blackout and thermal curtain fabrics.

How to washroom darkening curtains

The best way to launder your room darkening curtains is by hand, as the fabric is very delicate. This is especially important when it comes to washing room darkening eyelet curtains, as machine laundering can loosen the metal eyelets. Always refer to the care label on your curtains for specific care instructions.

Explore A Huge Range Of Curtain Styles & Functions At Spotlight

Room darkening curtains are just one of many great options for your home. If you're still deciding on the right curtains for your rooms, make sure you check out the complete range of curtains online! Spotlight's range of ready-made curtains offers extensive options for updating your windows. You can choose to shop by function like blockout curtains or sheer curtains. Alternatively, explore the range by header style like eyelet curtains or pencil pleat curtains.

Shop Room Darkening Curtains At Spotlight

Complete the installation of your new triple weave curtains curtain rods, curtain tracks and curtain hooks from Spotlight's extensive range. You can also finish the look with curtain tiebacks & holdbacks for a stylish and practical addition to your window covering makeover. Head into your local Spotlight store to explore the complete range, or make your purchases online and have your new curtains home delivered. Make sure you sign up as a VIP member as well for exclusive access to advance sales notifications and special discounts!



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