How can I choose the best party tableware for my event?

Throwing a party is a great opportunity to make great memories with your friends and family, but the cleanup afterwards can be enough to spoil the mood after your guests have gone home. Rather than getting out the good silverware and painstakingly washing them afterwards, try out some of Spotlight's colourful party tableware and skip the cleanup process! Our party plates, cups, cutlery and napkins come in all sorts of colours and sizes, plus we have themed partyware to suit your event as well. Not sure exactly what party tableware you need? Read on and let our buying guide help you make the right purchases for your celebration!

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Why do I need party tableware?

Party tableware and servingware not only makes cleanup easier, but can help set the theme and tone of your event. Having disposable party plates, cups, napkins and cutlery means that you and your guests can quickly and easily dispose of messes, rather than clogging up your sink and kitchen bench with used tableware.

It's also a great way to add to your party's theme - whether you simply have a colour in mind or want to base your event around your favourite movie franchise, you can accentuate your party decorations with matching tableware.

Party Tableware

What kinds of party tableware are there?

When shopping for party tableware, there are a few different pieces you need to keep an eye out for. Whether you need them for finger food or are creating a dinner party table setting, here are your options:

Party plates

Spotlight's party plates come in many sizes and are probably the most important piece of party tableware you can buy. You can use large serving platters to display your party food, and individual party plates and boats for people to eat out of. You can choose from single-use plastic plates, recyclable plates or biodegradable plates. You'll want to make sure your plates are strong enough to safely hold the kinds of foods you are serving - whether they need to be thick enough to hold hot food or designed with a rim to contain unstable nibbles, you can find the party plates you need at Spotlight.

Party cups

Keep your guests hydrated and your home spill-free with party cups! Spotlight's party cups come in all sorts of shapes and colours to suit your event. From clear plastic cocktail and wine glasses to the classic red party cup, we'll have what you need, and with recyclable and biodegradable cups available, you're sure to feel good about your purchase! Spotlight also offers a great range of party straws, including plastic, paper and sugarcane varieties.

Party cutlery

Cutlery is one of the most annoying pieces of kitchenware to clean, so having party cutlery on hand for your event is a must! While finger food is always fun, there are some party foods that require cutlery so it's important to have some on hand to help keep fingers (and floors!) clean. Party cutlery can include reusable cutlery, disposable cutlery and biodegradable cutlery.

Party serviettes

Wipe away messes quickly and cleanly with our party serviettes and napkins. Our serviettes come in handy packs and are themed around celebration types, colours and franchises, with special effects like metallic edging and iridescent backgrounds available.

Party table covers

A party tablecloth will keep your tables clean and scratch-free throughout the duration of your event, plus many of them can be wiped down and used again for future events! Some party tablecloths even have features like a grass skirt, metallic edge or glitter coating.

Party Tableware

What materials can party tableware be made out of?

The material your party tableware is made out of can help them serve different purposes, and will determine if they are re-usable or not.

Plastic partyware

Plastic cutlery is a popular choice for parties as it is strong enough to cut through most foods and lightweight. It comes in many different colours, including flat block colours and metallic/iridescent variations. Plastic cutlery can also be washed and used again in hot, soapy water. Be careful not to let the water get too hot, as this can cause the cutlery to crack or curl, in which case it must then be thrown out.

Card partyware

Paper and card partyware are fully recyclable and fantastic for holding dry foods and snacks like chips, pastries and sandwiches. If they are still clean at the end of the day they can be popped straight into your recycling bin, but be careful of using these plates for hot or wet foods, as the durability of the plate can degrade over time when under these circumstances. Disposable cutlery and plates are designed to be thrown out, so make sure to use them thoughtfully.

Wood partyware

Wooden and bamboo tableware is taking the world by storm, as it is environmentally friendly, recyclable and strong, combining the best qualities of plastic and paper tableware. Wooden partyware falls under the banner of biodegradable cutlery and plates, as it will naturally break down once disposed of. They can be stained or painted in different colours (although colourants should be kept away from the parts that go in the mouth), and the natural colours of wooden cutlery means they look lovely plain as well! Just keep in mind wooden cutlery and plates cannot be washed, as they are not treated to be waterproof and so can absorb liquids and hold onto them long after use.

Party Tableware

How many pieces of party tableware do I need?

Depending on whether you are throwing a casual dinner or birthday party, you will need different numbers of party tableware to properly host your event.

How many plates do I need for a party?

When buying party plates, you need to account for several uses. Will you want to have piles of snacks heaped on party plates and bowls, with extra plates for people to place their chosen food into? Or is your party more cabana style, where plates for guests won't be needed? You may want a special large plate for cake and smaller plates for slices - plus it's always a good idea to have extras, in case plates are damaged or thrown out prematurely.

How much cutlery do I need for a party?

The types of cutlery and how much you will need will depend on the food you are serving. Is it a sit-down dinner? Then make sure you have enough knives and forks for all your guests. Is it nibbles only? Then you might just need spoons for the cake later! If your nibbles are saucy or sticky, guests may appreciate the option of a fork, even if it is finger food.

How many cups do I need for a party?

Generally, you will want to have a cup per person at your event - if cups are similar, have markers on hand so guests can indicate which cup belongs to them. If you are serving different kinds of drinks that don't mix well, like juices and soft drinks, guests may need more than one cup to facilitate drink switches.

Where can I find all the party tableware I need?

For all your party tableware needs, Spotlight will have the party plates, cutlery, cups and napkins you're looking for. You can find our whole range of party servingware online, as well as awesome table decorations and other partyware.

Make your party purchases online or feel free to head into your local Spotlight store to view the range in person! You can choose from home delivery or click and collect options for your order - we can also deliver balloon bunches right to your door!



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