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Learn Everything You Need to Know About Bias Binding!

Not every crafter is familiar with bias binding, even though it is a craft that is used in combination with a variety of other crafts. Today, we provide you with a full guide on bias binding, so you can start using it in various crafts too. Read on to find out what bias binding is, and how it could benefit your projects.

What Is Bias Binding?

Bias binding is the craft used to make bias tape - this is a narrow strip of fabric. The fabric fibres on a bias tape must be at a 45-degree angle - this makes the bias tape stretchy.

What Is Bias Tape Used for?

Crafters can use bias tape for a variety of crafts. It is commonly used on the raw edge of fabric - this to enclose the raw edge and hide it from the naked eye. Therefore, bias tape is often a decorate finish for various quilting and sewing projects.

In addition to being used for quilting and general sewing projects, you will find bias tape in various garments too. Some patterns will ask you to use bias tape instead of so-called facing - this facing is used to hide the raw edge, the same function performed by the more effective bias tape.

Do I Need Any Special Sewing Equipment to Apply Bias Tape to My Project?

Even though you do not need any special sewing equipment in theory, we do recommend a good sewing machine with an adjustable foot. Crafters can obtain a bias tape binding food, which is a special presser foot that makes it easier to apply the tape to any materials.

How Do I Stitch Bias Tape to My Project (Single Fold)?

To apply the bias tape to your project, it is recommended to use a sewing machine. Most crafters can sew the bias tape directly, with no adjustments needed to the original product.

Before you start working with bias, it is essential to practice your sewing technique. To ensure the best possible result, make sure you can sew straight lines - this provides your crafting project with a more professional look. If you have problems with straight lines, be sure to obtain the adjustable foot.

If you intend on stitching one side of a single fold bias tape, put the bias tape on the correct side of the fabric. Open the edge of the tape and stitch in the fold of the bias tape. Then, press and turn to get your bias tape on the right side of your fabric. Once placed correctly, stitch the remaining edge of your bias tape on your chosen fabric.

Crafters who want to use bias tape as a facing must open the tape and stitch on the fold on the right side of the fabric. The stitch must also be placed on the right side of the bias tape.

For garments, it is usually best to fold the bias tape over the inside of the garment. Press the tape in place and stitch until the unstitched edge of your bias tape. If you want to make sure the bias tape remains on the inside of the garment, be sure to use under-stitching instead.

How Do I Stitch Bias Tape to My Project (Double Fold)?

There are several methods to stitch a double fold bias. The first method is opening the bias tape and putting the right side on the right side of the fabric (the right side is the side of the fabric visible to the naked eye). Then, open one of the edges of the tap and align it with the seamline. Apply your stitches in the fold line of the tape and press in the finished location for a top stitch.

The second method to stitch a double fold bias tape is recommended for bias tape with uneven edges - for example, when one edge of the tape is a little wider than the other. During this method, use the raw edge and leave the narrow edge upwards. Put the bias tape in the correct place and then carefully sew along the edge of the narrow end. Only sew the edge underneath if everything has been aligned correctly - this can be done with some pins.

Can I Get Bias Binding Supplies at Spotlight?

Whether you are interested in creating your own bias tape, or want to buy some pre-made bias tape for your projects, you can always count on Spotlight. Our store features a large range of bias binding supplies, so both beginning and experienced bias binders will find the supplies they require.

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