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Securely hang your curtains with easy-to-use curtain hooks & curtain rings. Shop durable curtain hooks & rings that allow your curtains to drape beautifully.

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Can I purchase curtain hooks and rings at Spotlight?

Yes, Spotlight has a large selection of curtain hooks and rings in stock, for all your window dressings. Different types of curtain will require different hooks, and not all hooks or rings will fit different brands of curtain rods or tracks, so take care when selecting your curtain hooks and rings. The range also includes eyelet rings, so you can make your own eyelet curtains using your favourite fabric.

Why are there so many different types of curtain hooks and rings?

To achieve different looks, curtains are made in a variety of styles. These often include different fixings. The main types of curtain style are:


  • Pencil pleat curtains - These usually have a header tape attached, which can be gathered and for which you will need small plastic or metal hooks or gathering hooks.
  • Pinch pleat curtains - These curtains are fixed width and have larger pleats at set distances, which need longer, usually metal, hooks that stick into the pleat.
  • Eyelet curtains - These do not need hooks as the eyelets slip straight over the curtain rod.
  • Tab top curtains - These curtains do not need hooks as the loops slip straight over the rod.
  • Rod pocket curtains - These curtains do not need hooks as the rod slides into the pocket at the top of the curtain.
  • Cafe curtains - These curtains are light and sometimes sheer, and need a Cafe curtain clip.
  • Sheers and voiles - These curtains are usually fitted with a thin pocket that holds a curtain wire, but occasionally can be hung with small plastic clips too.


To add to this, different types of curtain rod such as metal or wood may have their own, matching rings as these are visible when the curtain is in place, so that adds more choice to the selection.

Which curtain rings and hooks do you recommend?

Sometimes the use of metal or plastic is just a personal preference, although in areas with a lot of direct sunlight, plastic rings will tend to go brittle after some time, and metal rings will last longer. Once the weight of the curtains becomes heavy (for very long, wide curtains or curtains that are lined), metal hooks are often a better choice. For sheer curtains, the lighter hooks are the best option as they are not so visible.

What are adjustable curtain hooks?

Adjustable curtain hooks are a fairly recent invention and are great if you need a small adjustment without wanting to alter your curtains. They will enable you to lower or heighten the curtains by a few centimetres which may look better or provide better window coverage.

What else do I need to know about curtain hooks?

Always make sure that you remove curtain hooks before washing or laundering your curtains. Not only can they damage the curtains if not removed, they can also harm your washing machine or dryer.



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