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Discover Quality Quilting Tools & Equipment At Spotlight

Spotlight has what you need for quilting everything from a simple block design quilt to an intricate pattern of shapes and embellishments. When first starting out on quilting projects, the choice of quilting tools can seem quite bewildering! But you will soon learn what the basic tools are that can help you to achieve great results, and which tools are suited for special projects. Grab your quilting equipment essentials today and make stunning quilts at home. If you are an experienced quilter, upgrade your tools and try some new techniques with the help of great tools.

Find The Right Quilting Tools For The Job From Our Vast Range

You can find a huge range of useful quilting tools and accessories from leading brands at Spotlight, including:

  • Quilting cutters: You can find a huge range of rotary cutters, replacement blades, fabric scissors, thread snips and seam rippers here.
  • Quilting rulers: Create precise cuts and folds with our variety of quilting rulers, which include square rulers, curved rulers, folding rulers and triangle and hexagon templates.
  • Quilting mats: Cutting mats protect the surface you cut on and the material they're made of keeps the cutter blade sharp. If you have space, larger mats are a great choice, but if you are travelling to quilting classes you may want to choose a smaller mat.
  • Quilting pens: Quilting pens and pencils create marks that are easy to remove, usually by washing. They're used for marking areas you need to come back to or be aware of as you quilt.
  • Quilting glues and tapes: Special glues and tapes for quilting can make processes like hemming, binding and performing piecing techniques much easier. Some glues can be washed off, which is ideal if you want the glue to hold your quilt in place while you sew but don't want it adhered permanently.
  • Quilting accessories: Handy tools like mini irons, paper pieces, basting sprays and frames can all be found in this accessory section.

Make sure to browse our entire quilting supplies category online for Spotlight's full range of quilting equipment and tools. Keep an eye out for reputable quilting tool brands such as Fiskars, Birch and Sew Easy as you shop!

Quilting Tools FAQ

What are quilting tools?

Quilting tools are the useful accessories you use to bring your quilt together. They include cutters, tape, pins, cutting mats, pens and rulers and they come in all sorts of sizes and variations. While you don't technically need any of them to make a quilt you'll find the process is a lot easier with these quilting supplies in hand!

What are some quilting tools for beginners?

Quilting beginners should make sure they have a good quality rotary cutter, cutting mat and set of quilting rulers to start with. These tools will allow you to create precise, measured cuts and stitches that will ensure your quilt comes together neatly.

What are some advanced quilting tools?

Advanced quilters looking to use more intricate quilting techniques can take advantage of tools like paper pieces (for patchwork quilting), invisible thread, water-soluble pens and pencils, seam rollers and basting spray. These will help you pull off more advanced quilting techniques without too much extra effort!

What Else Can I Find in the Quilting Selection At Spotlight?

We have even more quilting supplies for you to choose from, which include:

  • Quilting machines: Choose from manual and computerised sewing machines to help you complete your quilt in a timely manner.
  • Wadding and batting: While they're not the part that's seen, the wadding and batting are what makes your quilt oh-so-soft and comfy. Choose from a variety of natural and synthetic materials for your wadding and batting here.
  • Quilting fabrics: Bring your dream quilt to life using any of our gorgeous quilt fabrics! From plain colours and rustic patterns to bold prints and eye-catching designs, our quilting fabrics are perfect for any quilter to use.

Check out the full sewing range and great fabrics by the metre for even more materials to work with.

Find Great Value and Quality Quilting Tools Online Today

Ready to start quilting? Shop for quilting accessories and tools online, pay your way and we'll deliver your quilting supplies straight to your front door. You can also drop by your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose the best quilting tools for your needs. We also have the great long-arm machine services at selected stores so you can get your quilt professionally finished. Get inspired to get quilt making with our blogs on making a half square triangle quilt, quilting patchwork techniques and making a quilt from start to finish. And don't forget to consult our buying guides on quilting tools and quilting fabrics before making any purchases.



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