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Home storage for household sanity

Never underestimate the sense of calm and wellbeing a tidy house can offer your family. With the right storage items and tactics, every day can be a good day.

Storage boxes, baskets and tubs make light work of organising the home - whether storing kids toys and arts and crafts supplies, keeping laundry items sorted and separated, stashing away books and documents or blankets and pillows, or even as decorative items such as baskets for indoor plants.

Solutions like jewellery cabinets open up an almost endless array of storage and de-cluttering possibilities, while adding a certain panache to almost any room in your living space. Shelves hooks and rails are ideal for the household with limited closet or cupboard space. Stackable shelves declutter smaller kitchens with ease, giving you more preparation space and room to breathe.

If you're simply looking for decluttering solutions for the little bibs and bobs around your home, storage accessories - like dividers, string bags and hanging storage shelves - open up a world of possibilities and space-saving options.


Storage tips and hacks to organise your home


Out of mind, out of sight

Use storage tubs and boxes to house the items you may use on a seasonal basis or things you want to keep but you don't regularly use - like kids toys, out-of-season clothes and blankets, sporting goods, camping equipment, books and CDs. Make sure they're tucked away neatly in cupboards, wardrobes, sheds, attics, under the stairs... anywhere you're not going to see (or fall over!) them.

Divide and conquer

It's easy for clutter to get out of control if everything is dumped in the one place with no sense of order. Compartmentalise your stuff with storage dividers so like items can be stored together and easily found. Position dividers inside other boxes for stashing away jewellery and fashion accessories such as ties and belts. Use them in kitchen tins to separate tea bags or spices in your pantry or for organising charging cables and sorting stationary and office supplies in the home office.

No space? Fold it away

Foldable storage shelves are the perfect space-savers because they stow away flat until you need to use them. Similarly, ove- door hooks are a simple, tradie-free solution for just about anything that hangs - tea towels in the kitchen, jackets and hoodies when you're light on space in a closet and towels in the bathroom. For renters, you can take them away on moving day without worrying about damaged walls.


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