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How To Select Embroidery Thread?

Embroidery thread can vary depending on the product you are working on. While some kits already include the embroidery thread and other supplies you will need, more proficient embroiderers will start to look for their own thread to use in their invented projects. But which embroidery thread will suit your requirements best?

What Is The Most Versatile Embroidery Thread?

When you need a bit of versatility, and the ability to use the embroidery thread for more than one project, we suggest some stranded embroidery thread. Stranded embroidery thread is also known as embroidery floss. It is also one of the most commonly used threads among crafters.

You can easily recognise stranded embroidery thread, as it consists of six different strands. These different strands provide you with the versatility, as you can pick up a single or several strands on your needle at once.

Which Embroidery Thread Is Best For Texture?

If you are looking for texture, pearl cotton thread should suit your needs very well. While it is only a single strand of cotton thread, it does come in various weights and its twisted appearance immediately adds more texture to the project you are working on.

When you order pearl cotton thread and you are looking for a specific weight, be sure to look at the number on the label. The number will indicate the weight. The heavier the thread the lower the number, so it is relatively easy to pick the right option.

In addition to pearl cotton thread, you could also consider crewel yarn for projects that need texture. Crewel yarn is an acrylic yarn that consists of two-ply strands. It finds common applications in cross-stitching, but also in tapestry. The yarn itself is quite thick as well, so it is an excellent choice when you want both texture and thickness.

Can I Get Embroidery Thread In A Shiny Bold Colour?

When you are looking for embroidery thread that is a little bolder in colour and also has a nice shine, you will not find anything better than Rayon thread. The material looks quite similar to stranded embroidery thread, with the difference that it has an incredible shine to it.

While Rayon is a very popular material among advanced embroiderers, it is not the easiest material to work with. The problem with Rayon is its supreme smoothness, which can cause the material to tangle and knot very easily.

When working with Rayon, you can avoid the knotting and tangling problem by using shorter strands of thread as you go along. If you leave your thread too long, you will get a knotting problem very quickly. If you are still getting problems, you can add a little bit of water to the thread. Don't soak the thread though, just enough to reduce the smoothness.

What Is The Most Beautiful Embroidery Thread To Use?

The most beautiful embroidery thread is undoubtedly the metallic thread. However, like Rayon, the metallic thread is a little more difficult to work with. The thread tends to be quite delicate overall, even though it is made with metallic particles.

Metallic threads can be made with various fabric fibres, so there are more durable versions out there. The most durable option in terms of metallic thread is the synthetic type, as it is less prone to fraying and tarnishing.

Silk thread can rival metallic yarn as well if you are looking for an alternative. It has a wonderful shine to it and can be used for quite detailed work. And, when you want an even more brilliant shine when you are done, simply go over with the iron quickly to give it a bit of extra pizzazz.

Is There A Dedicated Thread For Tapestry Projects?

Tapestry projects could benefit from dedicated tapestry yarn. You can recognise tapestry yarn by its softer and thicker look, which mixes well with heavier base materials.

In addition to dedicated tapestry yarn, you could also consider so-called Persian yarn. Persian yarn has similar properties but is a little more versatile as it can be used in cross-stitch as well as tapestry embroidery.

Are you searching for a little bit more texture in terms of tapestry thread? If so, then felted wool yarn might be the best option. Felted wool yarn has a fuzzier texture, which makes it stand out more from other tapestry yarns. It is also a good couching yarn for general embroidery.



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