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Add Style and Function to Your Home With Ottomans, Footstools and Bean Bags

Buying an ottoman is a smart idea, as it provides you with a lovely decoration as well as some additional storage space. Footstools also add comfort and function to your home, allowing you to put your feet up after a long day. Ottomans and footstools are a stylish addition to your living room or bedroom. Shop boucle ottomans, patterned ottomans and ottoman covers today. At Spotlight you can find on-trend ottomans and footstools, as well as comfy bean bags and bean bag covers for your home. A bean bag is an easy way to add seating options and a spot to relax. Bean bag covers can quickly refresh your beanbags and give them a new look.

Ottomans, Footstools & Beanbags FAQs

Which ottoman shape is best for my interior?

When you take a quick look at our range of ottomans, you will notice that there are a bunch of different shapes available. So, how do you select the best shape for your rooms? Here are some of the benefits of each shape.

  • Round ottomans: When you are looking for a little bit more versatility from storage solutions, the round ottoman is a brilliant choice. Contrary to other shapes, the round ottoman is also brilliant for a small space, as you can easily place it in the middle of the room without it becoming a hindrance.
  • Square ottomans: One should only choose a square ottoman to supplement and enhance existing furniture. While the square ottoman does provide some storage space, it provides less than the longer rectangular and takes up more space than the round options. That being said, square ottomans can certainly enhance your existing interior.
  • Rectangular ottomans: The rectangular ottoman is a great choice for additional storage in the bedroom and the living room. Of course, an ottoman such as this will need sufficient space, so we recommend only using rectangular versions when you have sufficient space in your home.

Ottoman vs footstool, what is the difference?

Ottomans and footstools generally serve the same purpose of allowing you to put your feet up. The difference is that ottomans are generally bigger than footstools, ottomans can also double up with storage functionality as opposed to footstools.

Are bean bags comfortable?

Bean bags are comfortable for sitting and relaxing due to the soft fill which conforms to your body. The outer cover of bean bags are designed to be soft and comfortable for you to sit or lie in.

How do I stop my bean bag from sagging and looking flat?

Beanbags can sag or become compressed over time as the bean filling gets aged. To help your beanbag stay plump, regularly flip and fluff it, you can also top up the bean fill if it is looking very flat.

Accentuate Your Home Style With Ottomans, Footstools and Beanbags

Rest and unwind with a lovely ottoman which brings contemporary elegance to your living room, bedroom or lounge room. You can also find ottoman covers that instantly add fresh life to your aged ottoman. At Spotlight, find all the home decor and accessories you need to elevate your home and make it unique. Find more great essentials to add new life to your home such as couch covers, home decor cushions and cushion covers, lamps and lighting as well as beautiful rugs. For more ideas and inspiration for your home check out the Ideas Blog, you'll love our articles including The Complete Rug Guide To Style Your Home and Theatre Room Ideas and Setup. Spotlight is your destination for everything you need to Create, Celebrate and Decorate everyday, don't forget to join the VIP club for exclusive specials, check out the catalogue for the latest offers and visit a store near you or shop online.



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