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Create & Present Artistic Masterpieces With The Right Art Easels

While art easels are a key painting tool, they can also double as presentation stands for displaying your finished works. At Spotlight, you can find a great selection of artists easels to suit painters and illustrators of all ages and skill levels. Discover Lyre (or A-frame) and French Box easels in the range, which are the triangular-shaped painting easels ideal for displaying small, medium and medium-to-large canvases. You can also find super sturdy and stable H-frame easels making them perfect for showcasing larger canvases. With small-scale painted and drawn artworks, table easels are hard to beat. Easily transportable, they come in Lyre and H-frame shapes which makes them ideal for students or anyone without a dedicated art studio space in their home. Explore the range of drawing boards and art easels at Spotlight and unleash your inner artist!

Complement Your Art Easels With A Huge Selection Art Supplies From Spotlight

At Spotlight, you can find all the art supplies you need to create wonderful artworks. Once you've invested in your new art easel, explore our range of materials to create the perfect artist's set-up. You can find:

  • Canvases & Boards: Produce amazing works of art with single and bulk packs of art canvases suitable for beginners and professionals alike.
  • Paint & Painting Supplies: Explore professional and hobby-grade acrylic, oil and watercolour paints, as well as accessories like brushes and brush sets, resins, sketch boxes, containers and much more.
  • Drawing Supplies: From seasoned artists to scribblers, you can choose from drawing supplies and equipment designed to bring out the creative in everyone. Discover charcoal, sketching pencils, pastels, watercolour pencils, drawing pens & markers and more in Spotlight's selection of drawing materials.

Art Easels & Presentation FAQs

What is an easel?

An easel is an upright frame that's used to support canvases, canvas boards or paper while an artist creates their work. They can be made from timber or metal, and are designed to keep the artwork at the correct angle so that the painter can maintain the correct perspective while working. Tabletop easels are a great option for supporting smaller canvases. While it is possible to paint or draw with canvas and paper sitting differently on the desktop, using an easel helps to prevent unwanted dust or spilled materials from ruining the artwork in progress.

How to set up an easel

Most easels, especially tabletop easels, are easy to set up. Tabletop or desktop easels typically fold down and pack flat for ease of storage and portability. To set it up for use, simply place it on your work surface and adjust to your desired angle. Lyre easels work in much the same way, but they're designed to stand on the floor of your studio.

Some easels require a little additional work to set up as they have adjustable legs to tweak the height and angle, as well as adjustable arms so you can customise the angle of the canvas support. If you don't have a dedicated art space or studio, opt for an easel that can quickly be packed away and set up for each use.

How tall should an art easel be?

The correct height for your easel should be whatever comfortably suits you and your posture. Ensure you angle the canvas arm into a suitable angle for painting (anywhere between 45 and 90 degrees), and position everything so that your canvas sits roughly at eye level. For kids who are budding artists, table top easels are a great option. Alternatively, you can look for a specially designed kids easel, or offer them a small step stool while using their easel so they don't have to stretch to reach the canvas.

Shop Easels, Drawing Boards & Essential Art Supplies At Spotlight

Whether you're looking for a drawing board, tabletop easel, folding easel or a presentation easel to display your artworks, you can find exactly what you need at Spotlight to get creating! Explore our extensive range of art supplies to complete your home studio setup, where you can discover essential paints, brushes and drawing materials to suit artists of any age or skill level. Shop art supplies and easels online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery or click & collect for your order. Alternatively, head into your nearest Spotlight store to make your purchases inspire your next creation! Make sure you also check out our Create blogs, where you can find informative and fun articles about acrylic painting techniques, how to mix paint colours, painting shadows for beginners and much, much more!



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