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How Do I Select The Right Yarn For The Knitting Pattern I've Obtained From Spotlight?

Knitting patterns will always mention the type of yarn that is most suitable for the knitting pattern in question. In fact, the pattern can even refer to specific brands of yarn and colours. But what happens when you want to use a different colour or a brand? Or maybe a certain yarn brand is no longer available? If this is the case, then there are some basic guidelines you can fall back on.

How Do I Select By Yarn Fibre?

One of the ways to select yarn is by looking at the yarn fibre. When a pattern recommends a certain yarn fibre, it is always recommended to stay within that same type. Below, we've explained common yarn fibres you may encounter and their general characteristics.

Wool: This yarn fibre is very popular because of its warmth and durability. However, certain types of wool can be itchy and there are some people who might have an allergy to this kind of material. So, if this is a concern, be sure to look for yarn that is made from Merino wool instead, this type of wool does not cause itchiness or allergies.

Cotton: Crafters who use cotton for their knitting projects often do so for the durability of te thread. However, cotton has less flexibility than other threads and that can be somewhat troublesome for certain projects. On the flipside, the durability and the breathability of cotton yarn makes it a popular choice for summer knits.

Acrylic: When you are on a budget, acrylic yarn will be the best choice. In addition to that, acrylic is also a material that is most suitable for beginners. So, it is not uncommon for beginner patterns to recommend acrylic yarns.

Silk: Not many patterns use silk yarn, as this is the most expensive yarn around. On the other hand, it comes with tons of advantages. Silk yarn is beautiful, shiny, and look very luxurious. However, if you work with it for the first time, make sure to adjust your needles as silk can be a little slippery.

How Do I Select By Yarn Weight?

The weight of yarn does matter when it comes to your knitting patterns. It can be a reference for thickness, so if you use several balls of yarn for a sweater, you must use yarn of the same thickness, gauge and other factors to ensure the results are the same. Here are some of the common options you may encounter on a pattern.

Lace yarn: This kind of the yarn is the thinnest around. It is not often used for sweaters, but it is a great option for lighter shawls. You can also get a light yarn that is a little bit thicker than lace yarn, this is referred to as finger yarn.

DK yarn: DK yarn is quite common for socks. It is double the thickness of finger yarn, which gives it a bit more weight as well.

Worsted yarn: When you start on a beginner pattern, it is likely that you will need some worsted yarn. As this is the easiest yarn to work with, many pattern suppliers use this kind of yarn for their beginner projects and patterns.

Bulky yarn: This is one of the thickest yarns out there, with the exception of the super bulky yarn. There are various reasons why people would choose bulky yarn, but the main reason is speed. It is possible to knit quite quickly with bulky yarn and it also delivers some of the most comfortable scars.

When you work with this heavy and bulky yarn, it is important not to choose any complicated patterns. Bulky yarn is not too brilliant for complicated stitches, but that does not mean you can't use them for beginner patterns.

Selecting Your Patterns From Spotlight

There are plenty of patterns to choose from at Spotlight. From accessories and clothes to toys and decorations, you can knit almost everything with the help from our patterns. Our patterns are available for very low prices too, so you don't have to break the bank to try something new and exciting. Check out the range today and grab your affordable patterns to get started!



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