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Add some glimmer to your craft projects with craft gems & rhinestones from Spotlight. Shop plastic gems & rhinestones in a range of shapes and colours today.

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Bedazzle Your Crafts With Plastic Gems And Rhinestones From Spotlight

One of the easiest and most effective ways to add some colour and shine to your art and craft projects is to use rhinestones and craft gems. At Spotlight you can find a huge range of gorgeous plastic games and rhinestones in handy value packs that give you plenty of craft gems to work with! From clear plastic diamond-like rhinestones to bold and colourful heart-shaped gems, we've got the crafts gems you need for your next project.

Craft gems and rhinestones you can find at Spotlight

We've got a huge variety of craft gems and rhinestones for you to browse through, including:

  • Loose rhinestone packs: Our bags of loose rhinestones are used for rhinestones with unusual shapes. Faceted rhinestones, star-shaped rhinestones and other rhinestones with a chunky, 3D shape will always be in packs like these.
  • Rhinestone sheets: Flat rhinestones come in long sticker sheets that are easy to peel off and adhere. You can peel off multiple at a time if needed!
  • Crystal rolls: These rolls of gems can be used to create lines and page borders on paper for scrapbooks, visual diaries and posters.
  • Assorted gem packs: These coloured gem packs contain plastic gems in either a specific colour and shape or a mix.
  • Craft gem shapes: These sticker sheets have a specific shape made out of stick-on gems that you can easily transfer onto another surface. They're often used for holiday characters and specific letters and words.

Check out amazing craft gems from brands like Crafter's Choice and Semco, as well as other craft supplies you can stick your craft gems on like craft foam, paper mache, natural craft supplies and other blank components.

Craft gem and rhinestone FAQs

What is a rhinestone?

A rhinestone is a faux diamond that, when used for crafts, is usually made from plastic. More expensive rhinestones used in expensive jewellery and accessories will be made from crystal glass.

How do I stick on craft gems and rhinestones?

If your craft gems come on a sticker sheet, then they will be ready to stick on as soon as you peel them off the sheet, as the gem back will be sticky. Loose plastic gems may need to have a paper backing peeled off them to reveal a sticky side, or they may have a layer of glue that needs to be melted with an iron or heat press to make them adhesive.

Can I alter craft gems and rhinestones?

You can colour clear or white plastic gems with permanent alcohol-based markers. Avoid using water-based markers, as the colour will wipe off. You can also drill holes through larger gems using a hand drill with a thin drill bit if you'd like to sew your plastic gems into clothing.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have heaps of other amazing craft supplies you should check out at Spotlight, which include:

  • Craft felt: Our soft and fuzzy craft felt comes in a rainbow of colours and can be used to add texture and brightness to any craft project.
  • Craft glitter: Jazz up your art and craft projects with some of our beautiful craft glitter. From fine, dust-like glitter to coarse chunky glitter flakes, you're bound to find the perfect glitter for your project here!
  • Stencils: Create precise images and linework using our range of handy stencils. You can also find materials to make your own stencils here.

Look through our full art and craft range for any other supplies you might need for your next project.

Find the right craft gems and rhinestones at Spotlight

Have you found the perfect craft gems and rhinestones at Spotlight? Shop online, quickly pay and we'll deliver your plastic gems straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to shop in person.

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