What essentials do my kids need when heading back to school?

So it's time for the kids - big and small - to head back to school. We've put together a handy shopping list for both primary school children and secondary school children that you can use to make sure you're equipped with the best in back to school supplies.

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Primary School Supplies Checklist

Pencils & Markers For Primary School

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Pens & Pencils

Writing and drawing go hand-in-hand with the classroom, which means pens & pencils might be the hardest-working items on your school supply list. Get your young ones ready for the first day of school by stocking up with pens & pencils that are hardy, reliable and fun.

Make sure you include a great set of vibrant-coloured pencils in your back to school kit. This is possibly the most important piece of school equipment because the rainbow colours are a superb way to stimulate creativity in young minds. A good tip is to buy a spare set - popular colours get worn out quickly.

Picking The Right Pen

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Stationery should be high on your shopping list - pencil cases, notebooks, folders and organisers - so to keep the kids on track with their work.

Smaller or well-used items may go wandering or wear out quickly, so it's a good idea to buy some additional stationery as a back-up across the school year. You can also personalise your kids' stuff with unique labels and stickers or, better still, have them do it with your guidance to instill a sense of pride and ownership over their belongings.

Containers & Lunch Boxes For School

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Food Containers

A kid's got to eat! Lunch boxes and snack containers are a must to give your kids a healthy start to the new school year. Look for lunch boxes and containers that are robust enough to withstand the most brutal schoolyard punishment but still keep the food safe and insulated.

These days, lunch containers are available in lots of colourful shapes and styles, including popular characters from film and television, to make lunchtime fun time, every time.

Choosing A Lunch Bag To Suit Your Style

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Drink Bottles

As an Australian parent, you don't need to be reminded that all kids need to be fully hydrated, which means having a water bottle on hand to get them through the day, especially during our hot summers.

Water will help your children stay healthy and focused through the school day, and it's a must for any physical or after school activities. Your child can choose one that reflects their personality, as they come in a wide variety of styles and popular branding.

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You don't just need school supplies in the classroom - invest in storage for both you and your kids so you can stay organised at home once the school year gets underway.

Trusty storage boxes, cubes and shelves will keep those school supplies neat and tidy, and you (or your young ones) can label or personalise them for easy finding.

Art Smocks For Primary School

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Art & Craft

As well as their standard pens and pencils, your kids will need extra essentials for their school art and craft projects.

Fire those young imaginations with paints and paintbrushes, coloured markers, stickers, stencils, glue or paste, and workbooks to help it all come to life. Don't forget a smock and a paint tray to help guard against any creative accidents.

Secondary School Supplies Checklist

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Older kids will want to express their own personality and tastes through their stationery, so give them the freedom to do so with a themed collection.

As their study-load increases, they'll need more highlighters, erasers and document holders to help them stay organised with assignments and homework. Make sure you've got at least a couple of each, just in case. Binders for separate subjects are a really good idea, as well as a planner to help them keep on top of their to-do list.

Choosing The Right Back To School Essentials

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As the homework piles up, so will the school supplies around the house. Help your older kids find a place for everything with some smart storage options for their bedroom or study.

Ensure you have at least a handful of crates, baskets, containers and storage boxes to cater for your kids' changing needs. They're easy to clean, fit on shelves, in wardrobes or under beds, and can be re-used by adults once the kids have grown up.

Art Supplies For High School

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Art & Craft

Creative projects get more sophisticated in high school, which means your older kids will need more sophisticated tools to bring their art and craft deas to life.

Start with a few quality notebooks or sketchbooks. It's wise to get a variety of types and sizes for their different project requirements. Then you'll want to stock up on paints, paintbrushes, coloured markers, pens & pencils, glue and scissors as the foundation for their creative studio.

Don't forget a vibrant set of coloured pencils - they never go out of style. Mo matter what age your kids might be, they'll give them a good workout.

Give them a head start

Children have individual needs, and there are always those special extras that you'll want to give them as they head out for another year of school adventures. But, by checking off the items on these lists first, both you and the kids will have an A-grade head-start.

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Still not sure what your kids need when heading back to school?

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