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The Essential Fabric Fasteners You Need For Crafting

When you start making your own garments or try your hand at other crafting projects that involve the use of fabric, you will also encounter a variety of fabric fasteners to use during those projects. To help you get familiar with some of the popular options, here are some examples from our catalogue.

What Are Zippers And Where Are They Used?

Even if you are not a crafter, it is unlikely you have never encountered a zipper before. Zippers are individual pieces of moulded metal set in zipper tape at regular intervals. They can be made from a variety of materials too, this ranges from brass and aluminium to nickel.

Zippers are used in a variety of garments these days. You will find them in jeans, jackets, and even jumpers. So, if you need an easy yet durable fastener for a garment, the zipper is certainly a fastener to look at.

What Are Buttons And Where Are They Used?

Buttons are just as common as zippers and used in anything from trousers to polo shirts and sweaters. Because of their countless applications, they can be made from various materials, this includes wood, plastic, and even alloy materials.

The material your buttons are made of are not just important for aesthetics, especially when you consider that each material has its own properties. So, be sure to check the property of a material before you choose buttons for a project.

What Are Buckles And Clasps And Where Are They Used?

Buckles and clasps are not as commonly used in garments, but they do find a lot of applications in accessories. Buckles are most commonly found on shoes and handbags, but they are also used on belts. So, if you are working on projects of this nature, buckles and clasps should be included in your collection.

What Are Snaps And Where Are They Used?

Snaps are specific types of fasteners. They consist of a socket which snaps into the stud. They can also be covered with a special cap, which is there for decorative reasons.

One of the benefits of the snap is that this kind of fastener can be used for so many different things. They are suitable for trousers, shirts, jumpers, and even duvet covers. So, while they may not look as attractive as buttons or zippers, they are remarkably functional and versatile.

The standard snap might not look as attractive, but these days, manufacturers will give the snap cap a unique and more appealing design. So, even though snaps were not as popular a good twenty years ago, they are certainly making a comeback now.

What Are Eyelets And Where Are They Used?

When you think of eyelets, the first thing you probably think about is curtain accessories. However, eyelets are also fabric fasteners, which do resemble the famous curtain accessories, this immediately explains why these fasteners have obtained such a unique name.

Opposed to some other fasteners, eyelets are inserted through the fabric, this opposed to buttons which are sewn on the fabric. Because of their unique application, it does make eyelets a little more advanced where fastening systems are concerned. Therefore, eyelets are more popular with more advanced crafters.

Which Fasteners Can I Obtain At Spotlight?

Spotlight provides one of the largest collections of fasteners to crafters. In our catalogue, you can find all the aforementioned fastening systems, and much more! So, no matter which kind of fastener you require for your project, be sure to check out the Spotlight catalogue and fully benefit from our sharp prices and discounts.



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