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Spotlight's Custom Made Blinds are designed to fit your window furnishing needs. We offer a wide selection of styles and fabrics to suit your windows. Our friendly team in store can also provide advice on suitable solutions if you provide your own window measurements.

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Made to Measure Window Furnishings In 5 Easy Steps

Get Custom Made Blinds to Perfectly Fit Your Home

New window treatments can make an important difference to your interior, so you will want them to fit well, be operated easily and last a long time. Custom made blinds are designed to your exact specifications, which will give you a stylish window treatment that will:

  • Fit tightly to the side of the window to minimise where light can shine in and improve thermal properties in your home
  • Be made from the exact material you choose, to get a perfect match with your other furnishings­ and achieve your desired result
  • Features to your specification such as controls on the side of your choosing for ease of access, motorisation for cordless options and improved access, colour coordinated brackets & more
  • Guaranteed quality and fit.

Made to Measure Blinds FAQs:

What Is The Price Of Custom Made Blinds?­

The price of your custom made blinds will depend on a range of factors including the material you choose, the size of your windows, installation, and the various features you may want to add. Book your free in-home measure and quote to find out the exact figure. Alternatively, we have provided convenient measuring guides and order forms to download and fill in, which you can bring to your nearest Spotlight store for an exact quote.

Made to Measure vs Ready Made Blinds

Made to Measure is a fully comprehensive service that includes in-home measuring, design, custom sizing and installation, whereas Ready Made Blinds are simply off-the-shelf blinds you can purchase without service or installation.

How Long Does It Take to Get Custom Made Blinds?

Due to the specific, one-off nature of custom-made blinds, project times can vary depending on quantities and complexity. Our knowledgeable staff will double-check measurements, quantities and materials to make sure that you are 100% happy with your chosen product and maximise efficiency.

What Features Are Available For Custom Made Blinds?

Features of custom-made blinds will depend on the type of blind you choose. Different types of blinds will suit different window and door situations; for instance, you may prefer to have a simple roller blind in a bathroom or kitchen, more elaborate style Roman blinds on your landing or stair window, timber Venetian blinds to grace your dining room, and vertical blinds to provide protection for your furnishings in front of you garden windows or patio doors. Our sales staff will be able to advise you on the various options that are suitable.

Popular features and styles you may consider include:

  • Automation to fully control your blinds at the touch of a button
  • Blockout blinds for the ultimate privacy and sun blocking to save on energy bills
  • Venetian blinds for versatility - available in beautiful faux wood colourways
  • Easy-to-use roller blinds in a range of modern colours

Can Blinds Be Motorised Or Automated?

Yes! We specialise in convenient motorised blinds which make your home functional and beautiful. There are a range of motorisation options to choose from, such as basic remote-controlled motorisation to a fully customised digital system where you can control your blinds from your smartphone. Discuss your needs with your Made to Measure consultant and transform your home with custom automated blinds.

What Do You Need To Know When Ordering Custom Made Timber Venetian Blinds?

When ordering custom made venetian blinds, you will have a choice of colours and textures to match your interior. But as well as choosing your preferred colour, you usually also get an option of different slat widths. Smaller (narrower) slats will allow you to block out more light when the blinds are in the open position, thus providing more privacy. They can also look better with small or unevenly shaped windows. You may also want to consider on which side of the window you would like to have the controls (usually a cord or wand) so they are easy to reach.

Are Custom Made Roman Blinds The Best Window Covering For My Room?

Roman blinds are a great choice for many windows, as they offer the convenience of a blind but the luxury and softness of curtain material. They are best for smaller windows or windows made up of different sections and can be used on their own or in addition to curtains. Other benefits include:

  • Use 25% less fabric than a pair of curtains
  • Great for insulation and energy efficiency
  • Offer plenty of privacy
  • Good for room darkening
  • A soft yet minimalistic appearance

Are Custom Made Roller Blinds Easy To Order Online?

We currently do not offer custom made roller blinds for sale online but you can come into the store with your measurements or take advantage of our free in-home measure and quote service. If you’re unable to come into a Spotlight store, we offer a huge range of readymade blinds online and offer a cut-to-size service.

If I Want To Use My Own Measurements, How Do I Know What The Correct Measurements Are When Ordering Custom-Made Roller Blinds?

If you choose to supply your own measurements for your Made-to-order blinds, they cannot be refunded in the case of incorrect measurements, so it is important to ensure that you have all the right dimensions before ordering. On the website, you will find handy measurement guides complete with an order form, which will help you to take the exact measurements required. Simply download your form, follow the easy measuring guide and bring your form into the store. Plus receive a 5% discount on your order when you bring your own measurements. If you are unsure, our consultants can complete a comprehensive in-home measure for you.

What Are The Different Types Of Custom Made Outdoor Blinds/Awnings?

Spotlight can provide external awnings in a range of different materials and styles. Choose from automatic awnings, fixed guide awnings, multi stop side channel awnings and straight drop awnings to suit your location and requirements.

Adding an awning to your home is a great idea. Awnings can be installed above doors, windows, patios, or decks. They can help to increase energy efficiency by reducing direct sunlight and glare, especially when installed over windows. When used above your patio, deck or balcony, awnings help to protect outdoor furniture against harsh sunlight and will make it possible for you to enjoy more of your outside spaces by shielding you from the sun as well as from light rain.

Experience Convenience and Peace of Mind with Made to Measure Blinds

Here at Spotlight, we have a huge amount of experience when it comes to custom-made blinds. Therefore, we can honestly advise you as to the best option for your window treatments. In addition, we have one of the widest ranges on offer at affordable prices, and you have the choice of providing your own measurements or making use of our free in-home measure and quote service. We keep you informed of your order progress and can arrange everything, including installation, to give you complete peace of mind and guarantee that you will get the most from your custom-made blinds.



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