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Create Personalised Gifts With Craft Blank Components From Spotlight

Blank components are essential for crafting and allow you to add a personalised touch. Whether you have a Cricut machine or are looking to do some sewing or fabric painting, find the right craft blanks for you. When you look at the range of blank components at Spotlight, you will notice that there are various materials to choose from. Of course, different materials have different characteristics, this goes from how easily they can be painted to how durable they are. Our range of craft blanks includes versatile pieces such as blank tote bags, blank aprons, blank pencil cases, blank drawstring bags and more.

Craft Blanks FAQs

What paint do I need to paint a tote bag?

To personalise a tote bag, choose a quality fabric paint which will be colourfast and machine washable. You will also need a paint brush and perhaps a stencil to ensure clean linework depending on your design.

What blanks can be used with Cricut machines?

All the craft blanks at Spotlight can be personalised with a Cricut machine. Choose iron-on Cricut materials, cut your design and iron the design onto the craft blank with a Cricut Easy Press or Easy Press Mini.

What are some design ideas for craft blanks?

There are endless ways you can personalise your tote bag, apron or t-shirt. Some popular designs include tie dye, name personalisation and adding your favourite characters. Discover FREE Cricut project ideas right here at Spotlight and get inspired today.

Discover The Craft Blank Components Available At Spotlight

Do you need some blank components for your next crafting project? Be sure to check out the collection filled with blank components at Spotlight! Spotlight provides everything from blank bags to aprons. In addition to blank components, customers can count on Spotlight to provide all the basic crafting supplies for both adults and children. The range also includes some fun kids craft kits, ensuring children always have a fun crafting project to tackle. Check out the collection today and benefit from the low prices on basic crafting supplies and crafting kits. Find more blank components such as balsa wood blanks, timber shapes and blank craft letters and numbers which would be great for your project. Shop hobby supplies online or in-store at Spotlight and follow your passion. For more creative inspiration, check out the Ideas blog today.



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