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Create Beautiful Balloon Arrangements With Balloon Bouquets

A balloon bouquet is the name given to a balloon bundle or bunch designed around a theme or colour palette. At Spotlight we have a huge range of pre-packed foil balloon bouquets ready to be inflated with helium. Mix and match your chosen bouquet with extra latex balloons, confetti balloons or foil number balloons to create party decorations to remember!

You can choose to use balloon bouquets as a selection of free-floating helium balloons to adorn your party room, or secure them to a balloon weight from our range of balloon accessories to create an eye-catching display.

Explore A Great Range Of Themed Balloon Bouquets At Spotlight

Prepacked balloon bouquets are a fabulous way to establish a party theme with your decorations. With Spotlight's selection of foil bouquets there's no need to hunt for the perfect combination of balloons. Most bouquet bundles include two smaller plain foil balloons, two printed balloons and one Supershape balloon all designed around a theme and colour palette. We have Frozen balloon bouquets, Bluey balloon bouquets, Star Wars balloon bouquets and much more, sure to delight kids of all ages!

Balloon Bouquets FAQs

How to make a balloon bouquet

You can make your own balloon bouquet arrangements using balloon curling ribbon, balloon weights and a selection of helium balloons. To create balanced designs, it's a good idea to stick to odd numbers of balloons - three or five helium balloons are a good amount for table-height arrangements. For balloon arrangements that will sit on the floor, you can choose to use more balloons for dramatic effect, or add in large foil balloons like Supershapes for fabulous visual impact.

  • Inflate your balloons with helium using a hired tank or helium tank kit, and tie a curling ribbon to the balloon. Leave a generous length or ribbon to work with - you can remove excess length later.
  • Hold all the balloons by their ribbons in one hand, and pass all the ribbons through the hole in the top of the balloon weight.
  • Continue to hold all the balloons together and use your other hand to start moving the balloons up to the desired height. For table arrangements leave 30 cm - 40 cm of space between the weight and the lowest balloon, to ensure guests can see each other across the table.
  • Once the lowest balloon is positioned, start moving the rest of the balloons up to create a staggered effect. A good rule of thumb is to have the bottom of each balloon sitting around halfway up the one below it.
  • Once all the balloons are in the right place, tie the ribbons onto the weight with a couple of knots to secure them. Cut the excess ribbon away, leaving around 20 cm in length. Curl the ribbons to complete the look!

Top Tip: At Spotlight, you can order inflated helium balloons to create your own arrangements at home or at your event space. We can also do the hard work for you with our balloon arrangement and inflation services - check out our Balloon Inflation Station page for more information!

What are some balloon bouquet ideas for my party?

To create beautiful balloon bouquets, a great option is to extend pre-packed foil balloon bouquets with additional latex balloons to add extra colour and volume. You can also make a fabulous birthday bouquet for a 1st birthday or other milestone celebration by adding in foil number balloons to mark the occasion. Choose a colour theme or party theme first, then explore the huge balloons range at Spotlight to find the perfect combination. If you're unsure about your best options, head into your local Spotlight store and speak with the balloon inflation experts in our party department!

How long will my balloon bouquet last?

Most prepacked balloon bouquets are foil balloons, which have the longest flotation time of any balloon when filled with helium. Foil balloons typically remain inflated for around a week, depending on the size of the balloon and the weather conditions. Keep in mind that if you mix other balloon types into your bundle, like latex balloons, they will not stay afloat for the same amount of time.

Shop For Fun & Colourful Balloon Bouquet Bundles At Spotlight

At Spotlight, you can make stunning balloon decorations with balloon bundles and bouquets. Elevate your next celebration with balloon arrangements made with latex balloons, speciality balloons and balloon accessories from our massive range of party balloons! Have your foil balloon bouquets inflated with helium at your nearest Spotlight store with our balloon inflation service. We can also take care of the balloon arranging as well as the inflation, taking the hard work out of your party preparations! Shop Spotlight's huge party selection online and discover party decorations, party tableware & servingware and a whole host of party supplies. Spotlight VIP members also enjoy 20% to 30% off full-priced party products every day - join for free online now to take advantage of great discounts and benefits!



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