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Vertical blinds have a streamlined and overall minimalist design. Spotlight's range of vertical & panel blinds are perfect for wider and larger windows, as well as sliding doors. Vertical blinds give you the option of perfectly controlling the amount of light that comes into your home. Easily transition from full light blockout to filtered light, or stack all the blades to one side to completely open up your window. Explore a great selection of neutral colour options to suit any decor theme and style.

Vertical Blinds vs Panel Blinds: What's The Difference?

Panel blinds and vertical blinds look similar, and can be used to great effect across sliding doors or tall, wide windows.

  • Panel blinds consist of wide panels of fabric that are suspended from a panel track. Each panel stacks behind another when closing the blind. They can be used to cover wide windows or even as a room partition.
  • Vertical blinds have narrower panels of fabric, known as blades. The blades glide along a track, and are sometimes joined at the base with chains. The slats in vertical blinds can be tilted at different angles to adjust the light, whereas panel blinds can only be drawn open or closed.

Vertical Blinds FAQs

How to clean vertical blinds

Cleaning your vertical blinds is relatively easy. Simply grab a bucket with some lukewarm water and add your preferred detergent. Grab a cloth and put it in the bucket. Wring out until you have a damp cloth to wipe down the vertical blind blades.

How to install vertical blinds

Vertical blinds from Spotlight are easy to install, and can be mounted in either a top fix or face fix arrangement on your window frame. Our ready made vertical blinds include instructions, and all the fixtures and fittings required to complete your installation.

How to fix vertical blinds

At Spotlight you can find a range of vertical blind accessories, including vertical blind weights, vertical blind chains and vertical blind headers. Quite often repairing your vertical blinds is as simple as sourcing the right vertical blinds spare parts and replacing weights, chains and blade headers as they become subject to wear and tear over time.


Panel blinds and vertical blinds are a practical option for any home, and ideal for covering patio doors as they neatly stack to one side to allow easy doorway access. Shop online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery for your order, or head into your local Spotlight store to make your purchases. Explore a huge selection of DIY blinds online with Spotlight, including roller blinds, venetian blinds, roman blinds and outdoor blinds & shades. Sign up as a Spotlight VIP member to stay up to date with offers, events and get access to exclusive membership prices.



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