Household Cleaning Supplies

A spic 'n' span home starts with the right cleaning products, laundry baskets and laundry hampers to keep everything sparkling clean and organised.

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Cleaning products every household needs

As well as the aesthetics, maintaining a clean household by using the right cleaning products plays an important role in killing harmful germs and dust that can impact your family's general wellbeing.


Wash away messes and keep floors in tip-top shape with mops suitable for all types of floors. From spray mops and twist mops to microfibre mops and everything in-between, removing dirt from your floors has never been easier.

Indoor brooms

Just like mops, indoor brooms are designed to get the job done without damaging your floors. Choose from push brooms, straw brooms, wet and dry brooms, and many others for keeping your floors flawless.

Flexible dusters

Flexible dusters make it so much easier to remove stubborn dust and other potentially harmful particles from hard-to-reach places. They come in many different types including traditional feather dusters and hardworking microfibre flexible dusters that are great at removing large amounts of dust in a single sweep.

Blind duster

Gone are the days of having to dust each individual blind louvre. A purpose-designed blind duster will have your blinds looking as good as new in a jiffy. All it takes is a simple wipe, and all the rungs of your blinds are cleaned at once (giving you more time to enjoy your day).

Electrostatic brushes and upholstery mitts & gloves

These are a must-have item for pet owners who spend a lot of time and energy removing pet dander from sofas, chairs, mattresses and furniture, as well as many of the other fabrics used around today's home. They're also great for keeping your car's interior dust-free.

Lint buddies

Lint buddies are sensational for getting rid of hair, dirt, fluff and crumbs from fabrics. They're also handy for giving your clothes a quick once-over for lint removal so you're ready for anything when stepping out the door.

Eraser sponges

Designed to get into even the tiniest of fibres, eraser sponges make removing the most persistent stains easier. Made from melamine foam, which contains an additional cleaning agent inside, these sponges will help you say goodbye to stubborn stains for good.

Wipes canisters

If you're tired of your antibacterial cleaning wipes drying out before the pack is finished, consider storing them in a wipes canister.

Get the washing done with ease

Make laundry day a breeze, and keep your dirty clothes separated and organised, with durable laundry baskets and hampers. And, no matter whether you hate ironing, you're time-poor or you just like to give your garments a quick press before an important function, garment steamers are an excellent time-saver.

Consider choosing some handy, space-saving clothes airers and drying racks for preventing musty, damp-smelling clothes and also prolonging the life of your garments and underwear.

Take the hard work out of ironing with the proper ironing equipment and supplies such as ironing boards, ironing board covers and felt underlays.

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