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Get Ready For Waterside Fun With The Right Beach Towels

At Spotlight, you can find a huge variety of beach towels that are perfect for warm sunny days. Whether you're planning a cooling dip in the local pool or you just want to lay down on the sand and enjoy the sea breeze, our range of large and absorbent beach towels will see you through the summer months. We also have practical hooded beach towels for kids and adults which make drying off easy. Hooded beach towels are also great for quickly getting changed after a beach day or swimming lesson. Explore a selection of fun and colourful designs that will delight any beachgoer and make for a great fashion accessory.

Discover The Benefits Of Beach Towels

If you're thinking you can just use your regular towels at the beach or pool, think again! Beach towels are specially designed and constructed to meet the needs of swimmers and beach goers. Compared to regular bath towels, they are generally larger, thicker and more absorbent. At Spotlight, you can find sand-free beach towels, hooded beach towels and extra-large square beach towels for any waterside adventure. Their bright colours and patterns are a great way to keep track of whose towel is whose, as well as for quickly identifying your pool chair or shoreline perch from a distance.

Beach Towels FAQs

What is a sand-free beach towel?

Sand-free towels are made from synthetic materials, usually in the form of microfibre or velour. They are constructed without the loops typically found in other towels, meaning that sand and debris have no place to become trapped in the towel. They're lightweight, absorbent and generally less bulky than regular beach towels, making them a great choice for any beach or poolside adventure.

What size is a beach towel?

While there is no "standard" size for beach towels, they generally measure around 80cm x 160cm - making them somewhere in between a bath towel and a bath sheet in size. The additional dimensions make them perfect for cosying up after a refreshing dip, or for doubling up as a blanket to lie on while you relax in the warm weather.

How to fold a beach towel

There are numerous ways to fold towels, and beach towels are no exception. Whatever method you favour, here are a few tips and tricks for the best results:

  • Always fold your towel on a flat, clean surface - ideally one that is high enough so you can save your back from bending over.
  • Make sure you line up all edges and corners as you go for a crisp neat finish.
  • As you make each fold ensure you smooth out any wrinkles along the whole towel as well as along the folded edges.

Another great option for storing and transporting beach towels is to roll them up. All you need to do is fold the towel lengthwise (folding the edges to meet in the centre will create the neatest finish) and then roll up tightly. Your rolled towel will be nice and compact, and will easily fit into your beach bag.

Bath towel vs beach towel - what is the difference?

The main difference between beach towels and bath sheets is their style. Beach towels are usually more vibrant in colour and design, whereas bath towels are more plain. Bath towels are also usually more fluffy compared to beach towels which are smoother to minimise sand sticking to them.

How to wash beach towels?

Beach towels are machine washable, it is best to use a delicate cycle and cold water to maintain colour vibrancy. Always shake off sand and debris before washing. Read the full guide on How to Wash Towels for more information.

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You'll be ready for summer with Spotlight's fabulous selection of beach towels. Generously sized and super absorbent, we have a great range of colours and designs to suit any beachside adventure. You can also explore our bathroom towels for all your washing, drying and pampering needs! Make your purchases at your nearest Spotlight store, or choose the convenience of online shopping and opt for home delivery for your order. Discover all the tips and tricks for maintaining towels with our how to wash towels article, and make sure you also sign up as a Spotlight VIP for exclusive offers, discounts and early sales alerts.



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