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Add a bit of sparkle to your projects with craft glitter at Spotlight. Shop loose glitters in a range of colours and value packs online.

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Bedazzle Your Art And Crafts With Craft Glitter From Spotlight

You can make your next creative project sparkle with a bit of craft glitter from Spotlight! Our craft glitters come in a rainbow of regular and metallic colours, and you can find single jars or handy craft glitter sets available to suit your needs.

With a range of craft glitter types for you to choose from, you're bound to find the perfect glitter for your craft project here!

What kinds of art & craft glitter can I find at Spotlight?

We have several types of craft glitter here, including:

  • Fine craft glitter: Sometimes called glitter powder, our fine craft glitter goes on almost like fine dust, giving your projects a smooth, satiny sparkle with minimal texture.
  • Coarse craft glitter: Add texture and shine to your projects with our coarse craft glitter! This chunky glitter comes in a range of colours and is super easy to apply.
  • Laser craft glitter: Also known as holographic glitter laser glitter is shaped to refract the maximum amount of light and provide your art and craft projects with amazing colour and shine!
  • Shaped craft glitter: You can find glitter and scatters in many shapes besides the classic circle! Popular craft glitter shapes include stars and hearts.

Keep an eye out for amazing glitters from popular craft brands Francheville and Crafter's Choice.

Craft glitter FAQs

What is craft glitter?

Craft glitter are small, colourful and light-refractive pieces of plastic designed for use in art and craft projects. Craft glitter comes in many colours and shapes and most are non-toxic, acid-free and colour-safe.

How do I stick craft glitter to my project?

Craft glitter will stick to any wet surface, so you can sprinkle it over a freshly painted piece of paper and the craft glitter will adhere on its own. To stick craft glitter to a dry surface, spread craft glue over the surface you want to be covered and then sprinkle your craft glitter over the top. You can also use art glitter glue to create shiny lines of glitter that stick straight to your surface. Glitter glue also acts as a glue itself, but make sure the glitter in the glue and your extra craft glitter don't clash in colour.

Can I use craft glitter on food?

While most craft glitter is non-toxic, you shouldn't use it on desserts because it is made from plastic, and ingesting even small amounts of plastics is never healthy. Instead, look to our edible glitters and dusts for these purposes!

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have a huge range of amazing craft supplies you've got to check out! Make sure to browse our:

  • Craft gems and rhinestones: Add a little luxury to your crafts with any of our gorgeous craft gems and rhinestones! Our colourful and clear gems and rhinestones are easy to adhere using a little glue and come in a wide range of sizes and cuts.
  • Pompoms, chenilles and feathers: Make your crafts something special by adding any of our colourful chenille stems, feathers or pompoms! Use simple craft glue to add your accessories to paper, cardboard and other porous surfaces.
  • Stencils: Create neat and professional designs using our range of sturdy stencils. They are ideal for use with markers and paints.

You can also find other craft supplies like felt, foam, paper mache, natural craft supplies and useful blank components.

Find the right craft glitters at Spotlight

Ready to start jazzing up your craft projects? Choose your craft glitter set, pay your way and we'll deliver them straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store, where our friendly team will help you find the best art glitter glue and craft glitter for your next project.

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