Latex Balloons

At Spotlight you can find latex party balloons in a huge range of sizes & colours. Create the perfect party decorations with latex balloons from Spotlight!

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Celebrate With Colourful Latex Balloons & Balloon Garlands

Latex balloons from Spotlight are the perfect choice for creating a celebratory mood at parties and special occasions. Choose from a huge variety of latex balloon colours and sizes to decorate your event space. You can find clear latex balloons, matte latex balloons and even ones filled with confetti at Spotlight, and they can be single, arranged in a balloon bunch or even gathered into an impressive balloon archway. Latex balloons can be filled with air, helium or even water to suit your occasion. They're easy to inflate either by hand or using a special machine. You can also have your latex balloons inflated and arranged at our Spartys Inflation Station for an easy and fuss-free way to prepare for your special events!

Why Should I Choose Latex Balloons From Spotlight?

At Spotlight we have an extensive selection of latex balloons to suit any party theme or decorating colour palette. You can mix and match a variety of colours, sizes and latex balloons with different finishes to bring fun and excitement to your event. Best of all, you can choose the convenient option of having your balloons inflated by our dedicated Spartys team, as well as having them arranged into stunning balloon bouquets. Here are some of the fabulous latex balloon styles you can find in our range:

  • Pearl, plain or metallic finishes - Add a touch of glamour to your party with shiny metallic latex balloons, or choose pearl latex balloons to create a soft pastel-toned theme.
  • Printed designs - Explore printed latex balloons to elevate your party theme. We have styles for milestone birthdays like 30th birthday balloons, 1st birthday balloons and more. You can also find animal prints and themed designs like Pokemon balloons, Star Wars balloons and ones for weddings!
  • Balloon bundles & balloon garlands - Discover stylish pre-packed bundles of balloons in a range of coordinated colours, as well as packs of confetti balloons to create gorgeous balloon bouquets. Add instant impact to walls and doorways with packages balloon garlands, featuring different sizes and colours for dramatic effect.
  • Large latex balloons - Make a style statement with generously sized latex balloons. We have 45 cm, 60 cm and 90 cm balloons to delight every party-goer!

Stay Safe & Be Mindful Of Latex Allergies!

When you're planning your party, keep in mind that latex balloons can trigger allergies in people who are sensitive to latex. Avoid latex balloons if you or any guests are allergic. Try latex-free foil balloons or specialty balloons like bubbles and Orbz for your party instead!

Latex Balloons FAQs

How long does helium last in latex balloons?

Standard-sized (around 28cm to 30cm) latex helium balloons will stay inflated for around 7 to 10 hours, so plan inflation time or collection from our Inflation Station accordingly. Larger helium balloons can last longer due to a greater volume of helium. Floatation times for helium latex balloons can vary with the weather, storage conditions and quality of the balloons themselves. Get the most out of your helium balloons by opting to treat them with Hi-Float. Hi-Float extends the flotation time by sealing the natural pores in the latex and keeping the helium inside for longer.

How long do balloon garlands last?

Balloon garlands are intended to be inflated with air, not helium. Air-inflated latex balloons will stay inflated for longer than helium balloons, meaning your balloon garland will last for days before looking worse for wear. It also means you can inflate and arrange your balloon garlands well before the event starts to minimise any last-minute stress!

How to style & secure balloon garlands

Spotlight's range of balloon accessories includes balloon decorating strips, adhesive balloon glue dots and balloon air pumps. We also have balloon tie tools to help save your fingers! Start by inflating all the balloons in your garland pack with air, and secure them with a knot. Place your balloon decorating strips where you plan on installing the garland, or use glue dots to help position everything perfectly. Simple!

Get The Party Started With Helium Latex Balloons From Spotlight

With so many colours, sizes and designs to choose from, Spotlight's latex balloons range will elevate your party decorations to create a truly special celebration. Mix and match your latex balloons with foil balloons, balloon bouquets and speciality balloons and have them inflated with our convenient balloon inflation service! Shop Spotlight's complete party range online or in-store, where you can find party decorations, party tableware & servingware, costumes & accessories and so much more! Spotlight VIP members also enjoy 20% to 30% off full-priced party products, so sign up today for fabulous discounts and benefits!



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