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Complete your party with the celebration & ceremony of a pinata! Discover a range of themed pinata designs in-store & online with Spotlight today.

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Break Out The Party Treats With Birthday Pinatas From Spotlight!

Pinatas are a great way to add colour, ceremony and sweet treats to any event! At Spotlight, you can find pinatas in a range of themes and designs, including number pinatas, unicorn pinatas, Harry Potter pinatas and much more. A great way to engage kids in a fun birthday activity, pinatas can also be a charming and nostalgic addition to more grown-up celebrations.

What Is A Pinata And How Do Pinata Games Work?

The word "pinata" is Spanish for "pot". The party version we all know and love is essentially a hollow-shaped container made from cloth, ribbon or papier-mache, and filled with treats of your choosing. The rules of pinata games are very simple. All participants take it in turn to be blindfolded and hit the pinata with a stick or pinata buster. Once the pinata breaks and all the treats drop onto the floor, everyone counts to ten before running in and grabbing their stash!

Birthday Pinatas & Accessories FAQ

What to put in a pinata?

Pinatas are typically associated with being filled with lollies. Individually wrapped candy, sweets & confectionery are ideal, but if you want to avoid the sugar rush, toys including party favours & bag fillers are also a great addition.

How to fill a pinata

It's easy to fill your pinata with all your chosen treats! Most pinatas already have a small lidded opening hidden at the top or back. Simply lift the lid or tab, and carefully drop in the lollies or party favours. Shut the opening and secure it with tape or the included sticker, and you're on your way to pinata fun!

How to hang a pinata

Once you've filled the pinata, choose a location where there will be plenty of space for kids (or adults!) to swing a stick or pinata buster. Keeping the activity outdoors will ensure there's heaps of room for everyone to enthusiastically participate - some great options include securing the pinata to a tree or the beam of a covered patio.

To hang the pinata, thread a length of rope through the loop at the top of the pinata and secure it with a double knot. Then drape the loose end of the rope over a tree branch or porch beam, and pull to suspend the pinata at a suitable height. Finally, tie the loose end around something sturdy like a tree trunk, pole or railing.

What are the different kinds of pinatas I can find at Spotlight?

  • Unicorn pinatas: When searching for the ultimate kid's pinata for their birthday, unicorn pinatas are perfect!
  • Dinosaur pinatas: Do your kids love dinosaurs? Then liven up the party with our range of dinosaur pinatas.
  • Superhero pinatas: Celebrate with your child's idol with our superhero pinatas. Our Spiderman pinata, Avengers pinata or Star Wars pinata are great options.
  • Mini pinatas: Are great pinatas that offer a huge amount of fun!
  • Number pinatas: Our range of adult and kids pinatas includes number pinatas to celebrate their special day. Whether they are turning 1 or 21, you can find a pinata for any birthday.

Create Memorable Celebrations With Pinatas & Party Supplies At Spotlight

Spotlight has everything you need to create a fun and exciting celebration. Once you've chosen your party theme and matching pinata, complete your set up with balloons, decorations, tableware & servingware and more from our huge range of party supplies. Choose from in-store or online shopping options, and remember to sign up as a VIP for exclusive membership benefits and discounts, including 20-30% off party products every day. Be sure to also check out Spotlight's inspiring and informative Celebrate articles with great ideas, tips and tricks for any occasion!



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