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Cleaning up after a big party is the last thing you want to worry about, so many kinds of partyware are designed to be disposed of or cleaned easily. Wooden, paper and plastic party dinnerware is the easiest way to cater for a party with minimal washing up! Whether you are hosting a casual get together or a large celebration, find great value tableware right here. We also have themed party tableware, perfect for adding extra fun to kids' parties and themed parties.

Discover the Vast Range of Disposable Partyware

  • Table Covers: Party table covers are usually made of paper or plastic, making them easy to dispose of and the perfect way to keep your table clean from cake, grease and sticky fingers. Our party table linens come in solid colours, lovely patterns and colourful designs featuring your favourite TV and movie characters.
  • Party Plates and Bowls: Our party plates and party bowls come in bright colours and are sturdy enough to hold even the thickest slice of cake! Paper plates can be recycled after loose food has been scraped off, while hard plastic plates can be hand-washed, dried and used again in the future if needed. Choose from smaller plastic dinner plates to large party serving platters.
  • Disposable Servingware: Find convenient foil trays, disposable serving platters, lunch trays and food serving boxes that make entertaining a breeze!
  • Barware and Cocktail Accessories: Entertain in style with disposable barware including tumblers and decorative toothpicks, cocktail picks and cocktail forks.
  • Serviettes and Napkins: Paper disposable serviettes are commonplace at parties, as finger food can get messy quickly! We have serviettes in all sorts of colours, with themed messages, gorgeous patterns and cute kids' show characters to suit your theme.
  • Disposable Cutlery: Ideal for both casual and formal events, our party cutlery comes in plastic and wooden varieties. Classic white and natural wood colours are available, but we also have flat, bold colours and fancy metallics for you to choose from.
  • Party Cups and Straws: Keep the drinks flowing with our party cups and disposable straws. Our party cups come in all sorts of colours, including the classic red cup, and we have many varieties of straws for you to choose from, including plastic, paper and sugarcane.

Party Tableware FAQs

Can I reuse my party tableware and party servingware?

If you want to save your party tableware for more uses, it will only work for certain materials. Paper and wooden party plates and cutlery must be thrown out, as they absorb moisture. Hard plastic plates and cups can be hand washed in warm water and soap, then used again once dry. Plastic serving cups and trays can also be gently washed and reused.

How to dispose of partyware?

Always read the package directions for your specific product for disposal instructions. In general, paper products such as paper cups and plates can be recycled with household recycling (remove moisture and food scraps first). Some products composed of sugarcane can be composted - read package directions. For other plastic partyware and cutlery, dispose of household rubbish and do not litter. Used serviettes, straws and table covers should also be disposed of in the rubbish.

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