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Create Amazing Desserts With The Right Bakeware From Spotlight

A baker is only as good as their baking accessories, and you can find a wide range of high-quality bakeware and cake accessories here at Spotlight. We have everything you need to create delicious cakes, muffins, slices and other baked goods, including cake and muffin pans, piping bags and tips, cake cutters, rolling pins and more!


There are so many ways you can get creative with our accessories for baking, even if you're only a beginner baker. Here are some of the cool things you can do and create with Spotlight bakeware:


  • Create layered cakes - want to create a stunning rainbow layered cake or a stacked naked cake with decadent fillings in each layer? It's easy with any of our layered cake pan sets, with many of them designed to hold one cake's worth of batter across their set of tins.

  • Cut large cakes cleanly for icing layers - need to level your cake or want to cut one cleanly in half for layering? Make use of any of our cutting tools, including the handy D Line cake cutter and adjustable wire cake cutters. They allow you to cut cake quickly and evenly for a professional-looking finish every time!
  • Create intricate frosting shapes and designs - pipe stunning flowers, leaves, waves and swirls with any of our piping bags and nozzle kits. For even greater control, you can hand-carve designs into fondant using our modelling and decorating tools.


Your opportunities with Spotlight's bakeware and baking accessories are truly endless - we encourage you to let your creativity run wild when accessorising your cakes!


What Other Dessert-Making Accessories Can I Find At Spotlight?

Spotlight has an extensive range of bakeware and dessert-making accessories you can choose from to create your next baked masterpiece, including:


  • Edible decorations - finally, edible decorations that look good enough to eat (and taste good too!). Our delicious edible decorations include melts, sprinkles, baubles, flakes and powder, as well as traditional icing and fondant.
  • Cake packaging and boxes - display and carry your baked goods safely in any of our cake boxes and packaging. There are heaps of sizes available, as well as special grid boxes for holding cupcakes and muffins.


For everything else cake-related you could need, browse our cake-making selection online!


Find The Right Bakeware And Baking Accessories At Spotlight

You can find all the tools and baking accessories you need to create delicious desserts here at Spotlight! Browse the full range online, where you can choose from a range of payment methods to make your purchase. Your order can then be home delivered, or pick it up as a click and collect. Alternatively, head to your nearest Spotlight store and our lovely staff can help you find the accessories for baking you require.


Ready to start baking? Our cakes and confectionery projects page has dozens of amazing recipes for you to try, including this cool dino bone brownie cake and these adorable oreo carrot cupcakes!




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