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Learn The Essentials And Craft Your Own Teddy Bear!

The build-a-bear craze has taken over the world. Of course, most parents experience just how expensive a build-a-bear experience can be. Nevertheless, you can provide that unforgettable experience for a fraction of the price by creating your own teddy bears!

How To Stuff A Bear?

There are various materials you can use to stuff teddy bears these days, this ranges from mohair to fibre hobby fill. Naturally, there are some things to consider when you choose the stuffing material for a teddy bear, this ranges from allergies to the material you have used to create the teddy bear shell.

When stuffing a teddy bear, you must be careful not to overstuff it. Even if you use a quality thread and decent stitches, you are still in danger of overstuffing the bear and ripping the seams. Therefore, you can stuff the head of the teddy bear firmly, while leaving a little room in the body of the teddy bear.

How Should I Make A Bear For A Newborn?

If you intend on crafting a bear for newborn, there are more things to take into consideration. These considerations relate to the safety of the bear for a newborn.

One of the things to be careful of is the external construction of the teddy bear, e.g. you should not use any small beads for the eyes. It is not uncommon for small parts to become dislodged over time, which in turn could become a choking hazard for the little bub. Therefore, most crafters will use strong embroidery for the detailing on the outside of the bear.

Can I Refurbish My Child's Favourite Teddy Bear?

Your child may already have a favourite teddy bear, but what happens if the seams rip or the teddy bear is extremely damaged? No need to worry, because you can put your sewing skills to the test with a teddy bear refurbishment.

Start by removing the old stuffing from the teddy bear shell. If you cannot find a location from where to remove the stuffing, you can open up a straight seam, this is usually located at the back of the teddy bear. To get the best result, always remove the seams with a dedicated seam ripper from Spotlight.

Once you have removed the stuffing of the bear, you can wash the exterior fabric of the teddy bear through a gentle handwash. Use a mild detergent and then rinse the fur thoroughly to ensure all traces of detergent are gone.

To dry the fur, grab a towel and fold the towel around the bear, this allows you to drain excess water without having the wring the fur. Once the bear is a little dryer, you can dry the remainder of the fur by using a simple hairdryer.

When you have washed the fur, it is essential to look at the seams on the inside of the bear. Check which areas may require reinforcing, this can be done through manual sewing or with the sewing machine. Also, make sure that all the seams are tight to ensure maximum durability.

Once you have solved any problems with stitches, check if any of the detailing on the teddy bear is missing, e.g. the eyes. You can use something as simple as buttons to replace the eyes. Alternatively, you can also obtain some eyes from the catalogue at Spotlight.

When you have fixed all the seams and the detailing, it is time to refill the teddy bear with some fibrefill or another type of stuffing you prefer. Once the teddy bear is stuffed, you will need to close the straight seam where you put the stuffing in.

To give your refurbished teddy bear and additional new effect, you can comb the fur. You can even make a small little outfit for the new bear. Your little one will be happy with the attention to detail.

Which Supplies Can I Get From Spotlight To Create Or Refurbish A Teddy Bear?

At Spotlight, we provide everything from teddy bear stuffing and teddy bear eyes to the tools you require to make the teddy bear. We also have an outstanding range of furs and other fabrics that enable you to create a teddy bear from scratch!



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