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Spotlight's gauze and muslin fabric range comes in a variety of designs from plain to floral patterns. Browse our extensive fabric range at Spotlight.

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Can I buy muslin and gauze at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Check out our selection of muslin and gauze fabrics for stunning designs, child friendly motifs, or just plain and elegant. We have a wide assortment available, featuring lots of different colours and designs. Shop online or instore now for great deals across our range.                                                                      

What are muslin and gauze fabrics?

Muslin and gauze are a sheer, lightweight fabric and are usually made from cotton. They generally have an open weave, which makes them breathable and soft against sensitive skin. As muslin is sheer, it is recommended to double up the fabric or line for garments. This all-round material is great for creating summer clothes, curtains or even stunning dresses and is available now at Spotlight’s guaranteed low prices.

How can I use muslin and gauze fabrics from Spotlight in my craft projects?

There is so much that you can do with muslin and gauze fabrics, with the only limit being your imagination. If you are still looking for inspiration, have a look at some of our ideas below.

Clothing: Due to its sheer and lightweight nature, this is a great fabric for creating summer clothes that will leave you feeling and comfortable. It is recommended to line garments with self-fabric or another light cotton fabric such as muslin, lawn or voile if sheer appearance is not preferred. Muslin and gauze fabrics can also provide the ideal top layer to a dress that is fit for a fairy tale, or any formal event that is fit for a princess.

Home Décor: One of the most popular uses of muslin and gauze fabric is to create your own curtains. These stunning lightweight drapes could go under your heavier ones to offer more privacy as well as flair.

Nursery Items: This super soft fabric is also perfect for creating items for your new baby’s nursery. Make wipes, swaddling, blankets and shawls to keep your little one snug as a bug.

Kitchen: Muslin cloth is also super handy in the kitchen, as it is perfect for straining things like soups and preserves. Using cloth in this way is also a particularly successful method of removing liquid from vegetables like cauliflower, essential when making low- carb alternatives to your favourite meals.

Do you have any tips for sewing delicate fabrics such as muslin and gauze?

Sewing such delicate fabrics can be a little bit challenging and we would recommend treating it with a fabric stabiliser prior to sewing to make your job a little bit easier. Ensure that you always use a brand new very fine sewing needle. We would recommend that you secure your fabric carefully to avoid the material shifting whilst you are sewing, however, if you are using pins remember that they can leave a small hole or tear. Always use fabric shears with extra caution and keep designs simple, opting for flowing silhouettes rather than intricate pattern.

How should I care for and wash my muslin fabric?

Please check the washing instructions on your individual project, however, most muslin fabrics are machine washable. We would advise you to avoid washing your item with anything that contains zippers, buttons, studs or Velcro as these could damage your fabric. Hang your muslin out to dry. If it is crinkled, you may be able to iron the fabric on a low setting, depending on your choice.

How is muslin and gauze sold at Spotlight?

At Spotlight, fabrics are sold by the metre, so that you can order exactly how much you need for your desired project. We endeavour to always cut our orders in one piece, however, due to the size of the rolls provided by manufacturers, this cannot always be guaranteed.

Is there anything else I need to remember?

If you purchasing our selection of fabrics online, please remember that the reproduction of colours in fabrics may differ due to monitor calibration. We try to match our colours and patterns as closely to the image shown on your screen as possible, but we cannot guarantee a 100% match.



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