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Floral crafting can entail many things. It could mean working with artificial flowers or real flowers. Using the range of craft flowers and critters at Spotlight, you can do different projects such as fairy gardens, wreaths and garlands, table settings gifting and much more! You could also use countless floral-themed supplies such as mushrooms, butterflies, fairies, bees, leaves, dragonflies and ladybugs in a craft of your choice. But which supplies do you need aside from our range of craft flowers and critters? Find out more about floral crafting below.

Floral Crafting FAQs

Which foam is best for floral crafting?

When you start getting into floral crafts, you will notice that there are different types of foam you could use for your crafting projects. Evidently, the type of foam you use will be determined by the kinds of flowers you work with. So, let us take a look at the various types of foam you can encounter.

  • Fresh floral foam: This kind of floral foam is most suitable for real flowers. It is known to increase the lifespan of real flowers and can also be shaped into its desired size. Of course, this type of foam should not be confused with its alternative "dry" floral foam.
  • Desert floral foam: Desert floral foam is dry and is not suitable for real flowers. So, if you are working with artificial flowers such as silk, then dry foam will be the best option for you. One of the biggest differences between desert foam and fresh foam is that desert foam is not as mouldable as fresh foam. Therefore, you may need a knife to trim the foam to the size you are after.
  • Styrofoam: This is probably the best-known kind of foam out there. It is popular for many different crafts, this goes from floral to balloon crafts. However, it has a relatively hard structure that can be difficult to paint on. So, if you want the Styrofoam in a certain colour, you must make sure you treat the product with a special finish first. Alternatively, you can also use Durafoam, which is a smoother alternative to Styrofoam. Compared to other types of foam, Styrofoam tends to be the most affordable in the bunch. As it is relatively easy to manufacture and in high demand, this is the perfect material for crafters who need to stick to a tight budget.

Which adhesives are best for floral crafting?

In general, you can work with either soft or hard glue. It depends on the types of flowers you work with. A simple PVC glue will be enough for some projects, while other projects might require a hot glue gun with some hot glue sticks. Evidently, hot glue is hardly ever suitable for real flowers, but it can have some applications for artificial flowers. If you are unsure which kind of glue is best for your floral craft, you can easily read the descriptions for the various types of glue on our website.

What containers can I use in floral crafts?

Like the types of glue that you can use in floral crafting, there are countless containers that can be suitable for floral crafts. For example, if you are thinking of making an artificial floral arrangement, you could use a large wicker basket that can be placed both inside and outside the home. You could also choose a stylish vase for smaller arrangements or a nicely decorated bowl. There is really no limit to the unique containers you can use in projects such as these.

Which tools do I need for floral crafts?

There are some basic tools you will need for floral crafts. It usually includes a crafting knife, cutting pliers, floristry scissors, paddle wire, floristry tape and the like. In most cases, you do not need to look further than the basic crafting supplies you already have in your home. So, starting with floral crafts does not mean you have to break the bank.

Dairy Garden and Floral Craft Ideas

At Spotlight, you can find a huge array of FREE project sheets to get inspired. This includes the below fairy garden and floral craft projects:

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