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Create Fabulous Floors With Floor Rugs And Mats From Spotlight

It pays to give some thought to choosing rugs or mats because your floor coverings are some of the hardest working items in the house, performing very important decorative and functional roles. At Spotlight, you can find a huge range of quality floor mats and rugs made out of materials like jute, cotton, wool and water-repelling synthetic materials. You can find beautiful living room rugs, bedroom rugs, hall rugs and kids rugs to suit your home style!

The Different Ways To Use Floor Rugs At Home

Rather than thinking of your rugs and mats as something to walk on, consider them to be artwork for your floor. You can use them to introduce personality into the home, interconnect different areas and turn a room that might otherwise be cold and bare into something warm and inviting.

When planning the layout, style and textures of floor mats and rugs across your home, measure the room and the spaces first, sketch a floorplan of your room on paper (highlighting the furniture), and then use this plan to experiment with placing rugs and mats of your choice in different spots. You can find floor rugs in many sizes - small and large floor rugs will look different in the same space, particularly if you have furniture on top of them.

Make sure you read our buying guide for more tips about different ways to use rugs and mats.

Floor Rug FAQs

What is a floor rug?

A floor rug is a large piece of material placed flat onto the floors of homes, either to decorate, protect the floor or help keep the home warm. Floor rugs can be made from a range of natural and synthetic materials and usually come in round or square/rectangular shapes.

How to wash floor rugs

All rugs and floor mats should be vacuumed once a week, maybe even twice if it is in a high-traffic area. If you don't have an attachment for your vacuum that is especially good for hair, brushing your carpet after this will help dislodge any pet or human hair tangled in the fibres.

If your carpet is stained, immediately blot at the stain with a paper towel or an absorbent rag - do not rub, as this will mash the stain into the fibres of your carpet.

For an in-depth look at how to clean certain types of stains and messes, check out our rug care and maintenance guide.

How to store floor rugs

Always give your carpet a good clean before storing away. Roll your carpet into a straight roll with the more delicate side on the inside, then store the carpet vertically if possible. Don't let your carpet touch the ground, and make sure it is stored in a dry, protected location where dust, dirt and bugs can't get at it.

What Else Can I Find For My Home At Spotlight?

You can find all sorts of handy home furniture and decor here at Spotlight, including:

  • Footstools and ottomans - keep your feet up (and off your beautiful floor rugs) with a quality footstool or stylish ottoman. Some of these also have handy storage, perfect for extra throws or decorative cushions.
  • Photo frames - display your treasured photos around the house with any of our stylish photo frames.
  • Home decor - everything you need to make your home your own is here, including wall art, faux plants, candles and more.

Find The Right Floor Rugs And Accessories At Spotlight

Give your floors a magical makeover with a quality floor rug or mat from our selection. Buy online, pay your way and we'll deliver your carpet mat or rugs straight to your front door. Otherwise, visit your nearest Spotlight store to view the range in-store before buying. Our floor rugs come from amazing brands like Emerald Hill, Rug Culture and KOO - make sure you are styling your beautiful rug correctly by reading our article on choosing bedroom & living room rugs. And for more home decorating ideas, read our handy blogs on wall art decor, hanging mirrors and styling a coffee table!



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