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Now's the time to find the perfect clock or mirror to reflect you and your home's personality. Explore Spotlight’s range of clocks and mirrors.

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Choosing a type of mirror or clock

Whether you prefer a sleek-styled, modern wall clock, a digital clock or a boho mirror with intricate patterning from natural materials, choosing a mirror or clock is like choosing a functional piece of art. It needs to give life to your home decor and fill you with joy every time you look at it.

Mirrors and clocks can be positioned on the wall - in fact, wall mirrors and wall clocks are some of the most popular pieces for filling empty spaces - or you may like a table clock or a table mirror that can be easily repositioned to follow the natural light when you're applying makeup or getting ready for a night out. Or have you considered a free-standing mirror or floor clock? A floor clock, such as a traditional grandfather clock, makes a definite statement with its pendulum, gong and stately presence, while a floor mirror creates the illusion of space in smaller rooms and offers a better look at your outfit.

Settling on the right style of clock or mirror

Given the large choice of clocks and mirrors available, know your personal taste and understand the style of your home decor before looking for the clock or mirror that's right for you.

Boho - otherwise referred to as bohemian, furnishings in the boho style are made from natural materials like rattan and straw, and reflect a free-spiritedness in the home.

Country - country style furnishings have a relaxed, rural feel to them, as if sourced from an old farmhouse.

European - mixing both traditional and contemporary elements, European designs are often deeper and richer in texture and fabric, and tend to be larger in size.

Nautical - nautical-themed items recall the elements of the ocean or coastal living, and are often coloured in cool blues or a neutral palette.

Contemporary - with contemporary, minimalism is the key, where bold and stark statements are made over fanciful or decorative ones.

Find the right clocks & mirrors at Spotlight

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If you can't settle on what you like, why not make something in your own vision? Create a beaded mirror or a DIY clock design, or even an exotic green house clock & organiser or crazy confetti clock.

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