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What is a Silhouette Machine?

Silhouette is the all in one companion to create amazing custom designs and professional product types. Dream up a design and cut it out on a variety of materials with a Silhouette machine.

Which Silhouette Machine is Best For Me?

  • Silhouette Cameo 4: Choose the Silhouette Cameo 4 Machine which allows you to create DIY projects with incredible precision, featuring a 12 inch cutting width. From cutting out fabric patterns, to creating custom stickers, the Silhouette Cameo is the modern maker's best friend.
  • Silhouette Cameo 4 Plus: The Silhouette Cameo 4 Plus Machine is a larger version of the Cameo desktop cutting machine with a 15 inch cutting path, and is perfect for the serious creator or those working with larger mediums.
  • Silhouette Cameo 4 Pro: Looking for a professional solution? The Silhouette Cameo 4 Pro is the ultimate cutting machine, and provides a 24-inch cutting path which can handle all your creative endeavours. Effortlessly create large format cuts and let your imagination free with the Silhouette Cameo 4 Pro.
  • Silhouette Portrait 3 Machine: The Portrait is a compact machine featuring an 8 inch cutting width that allows you to create DIY projects with incredible precision. From cutting labels, to creating custom stickers, the Silhouette Portrait is a tool that every maker should have. With its lightweight, the Portrait 3 is also the perfect machine to take to events, craft parties, or anywhere you want to be creative.

Materials Can I Use With a Silhouette Machine?

  • Silhouette Vinyl: perfect for all your creation needs, the Silhouette Permanent Vinyl 6 Pack is a great starting pack to get going on your creative journey. This vinyl's matte surface sheen and texture provide a casual classic look. Featuring removable adhesive allows for both indoor and outdoor use. Vinyl may be loaded directly into a Silhouette cutting machine and does not require the use of a cutting mat. Discover the huge range of vinyl including gloss vinyl, gold vinyl and a myriad of other colours!
  • Silhouette Sticker Paper: choose from clear sticker paper or white sticker paper to print and create professional stickers!
  • Silhouette Leather Sheets: make amazing creations with easy to use Silhouette Leatherette Sheets.
  • Silhouette Glow In The Dark Printable Sheet: wow everyone with the Silhouette glow in the dark printable sheet to make glowing creations such as stars to put on your ceiling, or make fun printed stickers that glow in the dark. This material has a printable surface and an adhesive backing

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What Silhouette Accessories and Tools are Available?

There are many tools and accessories including cutting mats, blades, spatulas and more available. To get started we recommend the following:

  • Silhouette cutting mat: a cutting mat will help you create with ease. There are a range of mats available in different sizes and 'holds' meaning how strong the adhesive is on the mat. Depending on the material you are using, a light hold mat is suitable for thinner materials and a strong hold mat is for thicker materials.
  • Silhouette spatula and pick up tool: grab a spatula and pick up tool to create like a pro. Spotlight also stocks tool sets so you can have everything you need.
  • Silhouette blades: you may need different blades depending on the material and project you are trying to achieve. Spotlight stocks a variety of blades including the Silhouette Cameo 4 Auto Blade so you don't have to manually adjust your blade and the Silhouette Punch Tool Blade which helps users make excess material after cutting easy to manage through marking by creating a hole and making it clear to see exactly which pieces to leave or remove.

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What is the Silhouette Studio® Software

Silhouette machines are driven by free Silhouette Studio® software to give you limitless design options to customise your project. Create your design on the Silhouette Studio® software and see it come to life on your Silhouette machine! You can easily draw, upload or select your designs straight from your device and translate it to your Silhouette machine.

Make Your Project Come To Life With Silhouette!

Stop dreaming and start creating with Silhouette at Spotlight. The possibilities are endless with Silhouette machines, whether you are a small business, hobbyist or anything in between, start creating today. Let your creativity come true and create a piece that will wow your friends and family with Silhouette!



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