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Refresh Your Decor With Stylish & Practical Eyelet Curtains

Updating your window coverings is a great way to refresh your home interior, while also adding practical benefits to your home like privacy and thermal insulating properties. Eyelet curtains are a popular style choice in many homes, and at Spotlight you can discover a huge variety of colours, textures and patterns to suit any decorating theme. As the name suggests, this style of curtain features metal "eyelets" or grommets at the top of the curtain. These covered rings are embedded into the curtain fabric and are used to hang the curtain by threading them onto a curtain pole. Eyelet curtains are easy to install and add a sleek, contemporary finish to your home interior. They are also a child-safe window covering option for those with young families, as no cords and chains are needed for installation or operation.

Discover A Range Of Eyelet Curtain Styles At Spotlight

Spotlight's eyelet curtain range includes blockout eyelet curtains, room darkening curtains, thermal eyelet curtains and sheer eyelet curtains. With a range of functions to choose from there's sure to be an eyelet curtain option to suit your needs for any room. You can find eyelet curtains with a linen look fabric, floral and botanical prints or plain designs with a subtle texture. Combine sheer eyelet curtains with blockout, room darkening or thermal curtains on a double rod set so enjoy the complete range of benefits these curtains offer. To summarise, popular eyelet curtain variations include:

  • Blockout eyelet curtains
  • Sheer eyelet curtains
  • Room darkening eyelet curtains
  • Linen look eyelet curtains

Eyelet Curtains FAQs

How to hang eyelet curtains

Eyelet curtains are some of the most straightforward curtain types to hang and install. If you don't have an existing rod for your new eyelet curtains, you can find a great selection of curtain rods in Spotlight's range. Many of our rods are also expandable to fit your window, so no cutting is needed. Choose a rod with a larger diameter to fit the eyelet rings and offer adequate support. To hang the eyelet curtains, simply gather each panel in an accordion-style fashion so you can thread them onto the pole in one go.

Hot tip: The eyelets at the top of the curtain can let a bit of light through, so it's a great idea to install the rod above the window frame if space allows. This will prevent light seepage and add to any room darkening benefits you may be seeking. Extending the pole 15 cm to 25 cm on either side of the window can also help let in more light when the curtains are drawn, and help to make your room seem larger and brighter.

What size eyelet curtains will fit my window?

The first step in ensuring you have the correct size is to accurately measure your window or existing curtain rod. Check out our guide on how to measure your windows for some handy tips and tricks. Once you have the window measurements, compare them to the available sizes for your chosen curtain style. Spotlight's ready-made curtains will list the width of the window they will fit first, followed by the drop. For example, a curtain size of 140 - 220 x 223 cm means the pair of curtains will fit a window between 140 cm and 220 cm across, with a height of 223 cm.

Hot tip: If your window width is close to the larger end of the width range, opt for the next curtain size up to ensure a beautifully gathered curtain and adequate coverage for your window.

How to wash eyelet curtains

For the best possible results, launder your eyelet curtains by hand with a mild detergent. Placing them in the washing machine can risk damaging or loosening the metal eyelets. Line dry them in the shade with the lining side facing outwards for blockout and thermal-coated curtains. This is because the acrylic coating can stick to itself when damp or whilst drying.

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