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Shop Elmer's Glue And Slime Supplies at Spotlight

Specialising in all thighs ooey and gooey, Elmers makes safe and fun glues for craft projects and for making slime. Elmers glues come in all sorts of colours and even scents, allowing you to make slime in all your favourite colours and smells. Shop the range here!

How Do I Make Elmers Slime?

Making slime is easy with Elmers! You can add some of Elmers magic liquid to any Elmers glue to instantly create slime in your chosen colour and scent. Elmers also provides premade slime straight out of the jar in a great range of colours, including glitter varieties, pearlescent colours and textured slime filled with small baubles. If you need extra glue, most white school glues can be used to make slime as well.

If you want to have everything you need provided, an Elmers slime kit provides all the ingredients you need, including Elmers magic liquid, Elmers glue and mix-ins!

What Else Can I Use Elmers Glue For?

Elmer's glues can also be used for crafting, bonding materials like paper and card quickly and easily. Elmers sells special glue varieties, like metallic, that can be used for decoration as well as sticking - try writing messages in sparkly metallic glue in the place of a pencil or marker!

Spotlight has several fun craft activities you can use Elmers supplies to create! Try making:

  • Easter slime - create a textured slime in cute pastel easter colours. This is a fun project for Easter day that will keep kids busy without involving chocolate!
  • Unicorn slime - create a glittery slime featuring gorgeous colours that is super fun to play with. Store leftover slime in an air-tight container in the fridge.
  • Glue slime - a simple slime made with plain glue, this is a great slime for beginners to make.
  • Unicorn figure - this craft project utilises Elmers craft glue for many parts. It's a fun papercraft project perfect for unicorn lovers!

For more fun projects, check out our kid's craft projects page online! And find the craft supplies you need in our crafts section.

Find The Right Elmer's Glue At Spotlight

A handy glue for any occasion, you can find Elmers glue at Spotlight online or at your closest store. Once you have made your purchase, you can have your glue delivered to your home, or choose to pick it up with click and collect instead! If you're in a crafty mood, why not have a look at our create blog? You'll find plenty of fun craft ideas, as well as tips, tricks and talented maker profiles that are sure to inspire you.



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