Derwent offers premium quality products for all artists. Shop beautiful quality Derwent pencils, pastels, watercolour pencils & more.

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Well-known worldwide, Derwent offers premium quality products for all artists. Established in 1832, Derwent has been crafting beautiful pencils and drawing supplies. Today the range includes pencils for all skill levels and art supplies for a variety of purposes. Designed for both student artists and professionals, the Derwent range offers unparalleled quality and performance for every stroke.

What Derwent Products are Available at Spotlight?

At Spotlight, you'll find a variety of Derwent pencil sets that are perfect for every artist. Discover the different ranges of Derwent products including Derwent Academy, Derwent Studio, Derwent Watercolour and Derwent Artists. Read more about the range below:

Discover the Range of Derwent Coloured Pencils

The range of coloured pencils available encapsulates the needs of every artist. The Derwent Academy range is perfect for aspiring artists and hobbyists, to develop their skills and create beautifully blended artwork. Try the Derwent Studio range of coloured pencils which are super soft and blendable, perfect for professional illustrations in rich vivid colours. The popular Derwent Artists Blendable Colour Pencils are of professional quality and allow broad strokes and perfect blending. Shop the right Derwent pencil for you today.

Shop Derwent Sketching Pencils

Discover the Derwent Academy sketching pencil sets, the ultimate grey-lead pencils for sketching and outlining. Create a detailed masterpiece with these sketching pencils that come in varying degrees of hardness. These wide sketching pencils are versatile and easy to use, so you can sketch freely.

You'll Love the Collection of Derwent Watercolour Pencils

Fall in love with the Derwent Watercolour pencils collection, and explore the world of watercolour art. Create stunning pieces on wet or dry paper and experiment with a range of water drawing techniques. These quality water-soluble pencils are highly pigmented and fade-proof, creating subtle yet captivating pieces that are full of personality and texture.

Find Quality Derwent Soft Pastels

Experiment with colour layering and textures with the range of Derwent Academy Soft Pastels. Effortless blend and shade with these bright soft pastels and create a beautiful masterpiece. Use your finger to gently blend the colours and create visually striking effects by using techniques such as layering and cross-hatching.

Discover the World of Derwent at Spotlight

Elevate your artistic journey with the beautiful collection of Derwent pencils and pastels. Shop the Derwent collection online at Spotlight and enjoy the convenience of home delivery or you can also shop at your local Spotlight store. Don't forget to join the VIP club for exclusive discounts and events!



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