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Discover The Efficiency & Convenience Of Garment Steamers

At Spotlight, you can find a great range of garment steamers from leading brands like Russell Hobbs and Tefal. Primarily used to remove wrinkles out of clothing, steamers can be used to freshen up and remove odours from outfits that have only been lightly used or packed in a suitcase, and are perfect for eliminating creases from tailored garments that are often difficult to iron. Garment steamers can also be used to easily refresh curtains in situ, instead of going to the hassle of removing the drapes from their hardware for ironing. At Spotlight, you can find the best garment steamers so you can confidently integrate efficiency and convenience into your laundry routine.

What Are The Different Types Of Garment Steamers?

When most people think of garment steamers, they think of floor-standing steamers that have a large base with a steam nozzle attached to it - these are typically similar in design to industrial or commercial steamer models. This style is also referred to as an upright steamer. Handheld steamers are a more modern iteration of the garment steamer and are about the size of a regular clothes iron. Portable garment steamers can even be easily packed with your luggage and used anywhere there's an electrical outlet. At Spotlight, you can find both styles of steamers to best suit your needs and storage options.

Garment Steamers FAQs

How to use a garment steamer

Garment steamers work by heating water in a reserve until it becomes steam. Once the steam is flowing through the nozzle consistently you're ready to use the steamer. Eliminate wrinkles and creases with ease by running the streamer in downwards strokes along the garment. Once you've finished steaming, allow any residual dampness in the fabric to dry before wearing or storing the item.

Steaming Top Tips:

  • Always check the care instructions of the item you're steaming to ensure the fibres are compatible with steam treatment.
  • Use cold water to fill the steamer tank and always ensure all parts are well secured to prevent any leaks.
  • The easiest way to steam a garment is when it's hanging. Upright steamers typically include a hanging pole. If you have a handheld steamer you can pop the garment on a hanger and then hook that over a door knob or shower rod.
  • Hold the steamer at a small distance from the fabric's surface when steaming-shaped features like ruffles.
  • Steam heavily wrinkled garments from the inside for the best results.

How do garment steamers work?

Compared to traditional clothes irons that use a heated base plate and pressure to loosen up and stretch fabrics into shape, steamers use a continuous flow of hot steam to reach deep inside the fabric which relaxes the fibres quickly without having to apply any additional pressure. This eliminates the chances of scorch marks on your clothing and is essential for delicate fabrics like silk which clothes irons can easily burn through.

Do garment steamers clean clothes?

While nothing beats laundering clothing to remove dirt, oil and bacteria, steaming your garments is a great way to freshen up your clothes too! Steam cleaners can eliminate odours as well as killing off odour-causing bacteria and germs.

Is steaming easier than ironing?

Some clothes irons now also have a vertical steamer feature which mimics how a garment steamer works. However, you'll usually have to repeatedly press the steam button on these clothes irons to get steam to come out, compared to traditional garment steamers where you always have a continuous flow of steam. Broadly speaking, having access to a steamer offers a super convenient way to remove wrinkles from your garment

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