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Add Style & Insulation To Your Windows With Thermal Lined Curtains

The right window coverings can aid greatly in insulating your home. Thermal curtains can add insulating and room-darkening benefits to your rooms all year round. While many people think of thermal and blockout curtains as a must-have addition for the winter months, thermal curtains for summer are also an excellent way to keep things cool. Thermal-backed curtains assist in regulating indoor temperatures by creating a thermal barrier over your windows and minimising heat transfer. At Spotlight, you can find thermal eyelet curtains and thermal pencil pleat curtains in a range of neutral colours and subtle textures to coordinate with any home decorating theme.

Thermal Curtains FAQs

What are thermal curtains, and how do they differ from blockout curtains?

Both thermal curtains and blockout curtains feature a rubberised or acrylic coating on the back of the fabric. This coating seals over the spaces in the woven curtain fabric and prevents light, air and heat from transferring through your windows and into your room. The key difference is the amount of coating that's applied to thermal curtains and blockout curtains.

Spotlight's thermal curtains have what's known as "1 pass" of thermal backing, or one coat. On the other hand, blockout curtains feature a "3 pass" coating, or three layers. If you're after curtains that will completely blackout your room then opt for a blockout curtain. Thermal curtains offer the benefits of insulating your spaces while still allowing a degree of natural light to diffuse through the fabric and into your home.

Can I add thermal insulation to existing curtains?

If you have a pair of curtains you love but would like to increase their insulating properties, then you can absolutely add thermal curtain lining to the back. Spotlight sells premade curtain liners as well as thermal and blockout curtain lining by the metre. Attach the curtain lining to the back of the curtain, underneath the header. You can add thermal lining to uncoated or even blockout curtains for extra insulation, or blockout lining to thermal curtains if you love the colour and design but would like the added benefit of total room darkening.

How to remove mould from curtains with thermal backing

Despite your best efforts to maintain cleanliness throughout your home, sometimes mould can sneak into soft furnishings. Use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to remove discolouration from mould, and to aid in removing any damp odours. You can also find mould cleaners on the market that are recommended for use on fabrics - just make sure you do a spot test in an inconspicuous area of your curtains for any cleaning method. Once you have treated the mould directly, launder your curtains as per the care label. For more cleaning tricks for curtains and blinds, check out Spotlight's handy care & maintenance guide.

What Other Benefits Can Spotlight's Curtains Add To My Home?

Depending on which windows you're covering and in which space, you can choose from a huge variety of curtains with different functions, styles, sizes, colours and finishes. The right window coverings can elevate your decor and add the perfect styling accents to your home.

  • Blockout Curtains: If you need to completely blackout a room, choose blockout curtains from Spotlight's extensive range. Blockout curtains offer complete privacy and great insulation from heat, cold and even sound. They're often the curtain of choice for bedrooms or even home theatre spaces.
  • Sheer Curtains: Choose sheer curtains to add privacy to your home while still allowing natural light to brighten your space. Sheer curtains are often used in conjunction with curtains and blinds to offer a complete range of functional benefits to any room.
  • Room Darkening Curtains: Somewhere between a thermal curtain and a blockout curtain, room darkening curtains also offer light blocking and thermal insulating benefits. Unlike blackout and thermal curtains, they don't have an acrylic backing. Instead, they are constructed from a multi-layered woven fabric that prevents light and air from easily passing through it.

Shop Thermal Curtains & Curtain Hardware At Spotlight

If you're looking to insulate your windows this summer and into the winter months, then thermal curtains are a great option for your home. Finish your curtain installation with curtain rods or curtain tracks from Spotlight's range for a complete window coverings makeover! Shop the range online and choose the convenience of home delivery for your order, or head into your local Spotlight store and have our friendly team help you find everything you need. For more window furnishing inspiration and advice, be sure to check out our handy articles on using rods or tracks for installation and the complete guide on how to hang curtains.



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